Support for Selected Interest Areas

Materials Engineering

Materials engineeringMaterials engineers, M&P groups, Testing and QA professionals: what if you could avoid lost time and data, reduce errors, and ensure your organization made better use of the knowledge you develop?

GRANTA MI:Test Data Management 


Design and Decision Support

Design and decision supportMaterials Subject Matter Experts and Consultants: what if you could apply all available information to make more effective decisions on materials selection, substitution, and cost optimization?


Simulation / CAE

Simulation and ICMESimulation specialists: would you like fast, reliable ways to get the data you need as input to CAE? Would you like to increase confidence in simulation results and deploy these results to drive innovation?

GRANTA MI:Simulation 


Environmental and Regulatory Issues

Environmental and regulatoryEH&S professionals, REACH specialists, and eco designers: would you be better-placed to meet objectives with practical tools to assess eco impact, restricted substance risk, or materials supply risk?


Business Strategy

Business strategySenior managers, business improvement experts, supply chain professionals: how can you reduce materials costs, cut time-to-market, minimize regulatory risk, and enable global manufacturing?

GRANTA MI for the enterprise 


IT and PLM Strategy

PLMPLM specialists, IT professionals: can your company manages the lifecycle of its complex materials data effectively, while integrating this vital knowledge with your PLM and other business systems?



ICMEHow can Granta software support Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)?



Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturingHow is Granta technology helping the emerging field of Additive Manufacturing?

GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing