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At Granta, we apply our materials information technology expertise to develop products and services that answer some key questions for engineering enterprises, solving problems in materials data management, materials decision support, eco design & regulation, and materials support for engineering design.

On our website, we provide a number of free and sample resources, as a complementary service to Granta users and visitors to this site. We also offer a number of publications for download—papers from Granta, our customers, and Cambridge University describing the use of CES Selector for solving materials selection problems.

A search engine for material information providing access to a range of valuable information sources (some free-to-access, some require subscription)

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Granta's teaching resource site

Granta's Teaching Resources

A collection of hundreds of exercises, teaching aids and background reading material on the topic of materials across many different disciplines and for all years of study. Many resources are open access, others are accessible to educators at a University or College with a license for CES EduPack or CES Selector.

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Hardness conversion charts

Download Hardness conversion charts

Charts of Hardness Numbers plotted against Vickers Hardness, including Rockwell, Knoop, Shore, Brinell and Mohs, for a range of Steels, Minerals, Aluminum alloys & Brasses

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Structural section problems

Solutions to standard Structural Section Problems

A compilation of solutions to standard problems in the design and use of Structural Sections, including bending of beams, buckling of columns and torsion of shafts.

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Designations & Equivalents

equivalent national and international designation systems

Tables of equivalent national and international designation systems for Ferrous Metals, Aluminum Alloys, Magnesium Alloys, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys and Titanium Alloys.

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Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace—an older version of the authoritative reference for aerospace design allowable values, in PDF format. Later versions, renamed MMPDS, are available as a data module from Granta.

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