Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is an emerging discipline that seeks to apply computational methods at multiple length scales, validating the results and applying them to understand and improve materials performance.

Different, complementary, simulation methods are applied in support of each other, to study and predict processes, structure, and properties—and their interactions with each other. The aims are to gain insight and design better materials, faster, while reducing reliance on expensive experimentation.

Effective management of materials information is vital to ICME projects. GRANTA MI can help.

ICME Requirement How GRANTA MI helps
Storage of simulation results, together with full 'meta data' recording methods used, parameters, versions of software, etc. GRANTA MI can store complex materials property data and its full pedigree
Storage of all other relevant data (e.g., materials models, test data) in the same system GRANTA MI can store materials data from any source
Easy comparison between data from different sources (simulated, experimental, or reference data) to support validation Graphing and comparison chart tools enable fast, easy comparison of simulation versus experiment
All stored data can be easily accessed and transformed for use as input to simulation codes Three options for easy access to GRANTA MI data:
1. Export in simulation code file format (can be customized)
2. MI:Materials Gateway integration—access data from within third party simulation software
3. GRANTA MI:API—full programmatic integration
Support for collaboration—project members can share data with appropriate access controls GRANTA MI is designed for collaboration—distributed access and powerful remote import tools, together with robust access control features to manage which users can see which data. For example, it has been used to share and manage data between disparate partners in a number of collaborative projects, including:

GRANTA MI overview