Copper Alloys

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Copper alloys for electrical conductors are well documented and have widely accepted designations. The newer composites are not yet sufficiently well established to have internationally or nationally accepted codes or designations.

Conductor Grades of Copper, Wrought

Unalloyed coppers are used for electrical conductors where exceptional strength or high-temperature capability are not required.

ISO British CEN ASTM Description
Designation Standard Number Equivalent  
Cu-ETP1 C100 CW003A   Electrolytically refined higher purity copper
Cu-ETP C101 CW003A C11000 Electrolytic, tough pitch high conductivity
CuAg(0.04) C101 CW011A   Silver bearing copper
CuAg(0.07)   CW012A   Silver bearing copper
CuAg(0.10)   CW013A   Silver bearing copper
Cu-FRHC C102 CW005A C11020 Fire refined, tough pitch, high-conductivity
Cu-HCP CW021A   High conductivity phosphorus deoxidised
Cu-DLP CW023A C12000 Low phosphorus deoxidised copper
Cu-FRTP C104 CW006A C12500 Tough pitch, non-arsenical copper
CuAs C105     Tough pitch arsenical copper
Cu-DHP C106 CW024A C12200 Phosphorus deoxidised non-arsenical
CuAsP C107   C14200 Phosphorus deoxidised arsenical copper
CuAg(0.04P) CW014A   Silver bearing deoxidised copper
CuAg(0.07P)   CW015A   Silver bearing deoxidised copper
CuAg(0.10P)   CW016A   Silver bearing deoxidised copper
Cu-OF C103 CW008A C10200 Oxygen free, high conductivity copper
Cu-OFE C110 CW009A C10100 Oxygen free, high conductivity copper,
  electronic grade      


Alloyed Conductor-Grade Coppers, Wrought

Alloyed Coppers are hardened with small quantities of Cr, Zr, Be, Ni, with the aim of increasing strength without greatly reducing electrical conductivity.

ISO British CEN ASTM Description
Designation Standard Number Equivalent  
CuCd1 C108   C16200 Copper-cadmium
CuCr1 CC101 CW105C C18200 Copper-chromium
CuCr1Zr CC102 CW106C   Copper-chromium-zirconium
CuNi1Si CW109C C191010 Copper-nickel-silicon
CuNi2Si CC102 CW111C C70250 Copper-nickel-silicon
CuNi3Si   CW112C C70320 Copper-nickel-silicon
CuNi4AlSi       Copper-nickel aluminium silicon
CuNiP C113 CW108C   Copper-nickel-phosphorus
CuBe2 CB101 CW101C C17200 Copper-beryllium
CuBe2Pb   CW102C C17300 Leaded copper-beryllium
CuNi2Be   CW110C C17510 Copper-nickel-beryllium
CuCO2Be C112 CW104C C17500 Copper-cobalt-beryllium
CuCo1Ni1Be   CW103C   Copper-cobalt-beryllium
CuZr   CW120C C15000 Copper-zirconium
CuSi2Mn   CW115C C65100 Copper-silicon
CuSi3Mn1 CS101 CW116C C65500 Copper-silicon
CuTeP C109 CW118C C14500 Copper-tellurium
CuSP C111 CW114C C14700 Copper-sulphur
CuPb1P   CW113C C18700 Copper-lead
CuZn0.5   CW119C   Copper-zinc


High Conductivity Coppers, Cast

ISO British CEN ASTM Description
Designation Standard Number Equivalent  
Cu-G HCC1 CS040A   High conductivity copper
G-CuSn       Copper with small additions
CuCr1-G CC1-TF CS140C   Copper-chromium
G-CuNiP       Copper-nickel-phosphorus
G-CuNi2Si       Copper-nickel -silicon
G-CuCO2Be       Copper-cobalt-beryllium
G-CuBe       Copper-beryllium