Implementation Services




GRANTA MI Implementation Services

A full portfolio of services to support the specification, implementation, and application of best practice materials information management.

  • Flexible, scalable services to match your implementation.
  • Choose what you need to augment in-house expertise and resources.

GRANTA MI is developed using standard information technologies and is designed to be practical and straightforward to implement. But any system that can provide an enterprise-wide solution for a business-critical process such as managing materials information will require analysis of your specific requirements and some configuration to meet those needs.

Granta has considerable experience in such implementation, and we have a comprehensive, well-defined process and portfolio of services to assist you. These services are flexible and scalable, to match your implementation. For example, some steps may not be needed for smaller implementations, or you may be able to complete them using in-house resources. Granta's Service Team will work closely with you to establish which services you need and to project-manage and deliver those services quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We also transfer knowledge to your team so that you increasingly manage and evolve your own system in later phases of any implementation.

Focused service packages are also available to provide Granta expertise in areas where we have acquired specific knowledge—for example, our Composites Qualification Service applies knowledge and tools developed through many projects focused on implementing a composite information management solution.

GRANTA MI implementation diagram

A typical process for implementing best practice materials information management,
and the Granta services to support it.


Granta's materials information technology experts can help you to analyze your requirements for materials information technology and then to prepare for a successful implementation.

Business case development Helping you to analyze and build the business case for materials information management, whether at project, department, or corporate level.
Materials information survey Detailed analysis of your materials information environment, enabling you to specify the right solution and implementation plan.
Assemble & develop project team Identify and train relevant groups and stakeholders, providing the information and guidance they will need for effective, risk-free implementation.

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We can apply expertise from working on hundreds of materials information management implementations to ensure a smooth and effective roll-out of GRANTA MI.

Project management Helping you to plan and coordinate all aspects of the implementation, from specification to delivery.
Basic installation Guiding you through the installation of the core database system and its configuration to your IT environment and requirements.
Implement quick wins Low effort initial projects to prove the value of the system—e.g., rolling out standard Granta products to users.
Detailed design Finalize the requirements, design the system, and break down into tasks.
Delivery Working with you on configuration, data import, and tools to enable delivery to an agreed schedule.
Prepare roll-out The system is tested and final modifications made with user feedback. The system is readied for moving to the production environment, and training materials and process documentation are prepared.
Roll-out / user training Advice and support in communicating with potential users and training them to use the system. Monitoring to ensure the system is delivering the expected benefits.

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Many corporate materials information management implementations begin with a project focused on one topic, department, or business division. Success leads to a desire to roll the system out to cover further groups or use cases. This typically involves repeating the steps in the Implementation phase, but applying lessons learned and re-using the established infrastructure. Granta can provide a similar set of services, complementing your developing in-house expertise as required.