Implementation Services




GRANTA MI Implementation Services: Implementation Phase

On this page are details of the Granta Services that help you to implement
your GRANTA MI system:

Project management

At any point in a GRANTA MI implementation project, Granta can provide project management resource and expertise to ensure efficient delivery of the project.

Every GRANTA MI implementation is assigned a Granta Project Manager—a member of our technical team with experience of past implementations who works with you to make sure that key tasks are defined, the timeline is well-understood in your company and at Granta, and resources are in place to support this plan. At a minimum, your Granta Project Manager will be a proactive technical contact for you within Granta. But, if required, we can take on more of the project management tasks within your organization, augmenting in-house resource. And we can help with project management for as little or as much of the project as is appropriate—for example, we can manage just the initial installation, or manage a complete project through to enterprise roll-out. We can tailor our involvement to fit your requirements and complement the time and expertise that you have available to work on implementing a materials information management system.

Deliverable: Project management support to fit your needs.

Basic installation

The first task in implementation is typically to get an initial installation of the GRANTA MI system in place, enabling the core project team to get some of your company's materials data into the system and to test some of the key tools you want to use and configure them to your data (for example, setting up importers to import specific test data).

Installation is typically performed by the user organization. However, if required, Granta can provide support to help set up and configure your server.

Alternatively, you may opt for a cloud-hosted system at this point, in which case we can set up and configure a secure server for you in the cloud.

Deliverables: On-site or remote support to configure a production server.

Setup and quick wins

Now you want to start using your system. In most cases, you don't want to wait a long time or complete a comprehensive roll-out in order to get some value from GRANTA MI. You want some 'quick wins'—supporting smaller tasks where you get some immediate benefit from the system and can also learn lessons that will help you to configure the system to the exact needs of your organization as it becomes more widely used. Often these can be delivered without needing to import your own data by using Granta reference data.

Granta can help you to design and implement small projects that deliver these quick wins. Examples are:

  • Loading-up standard Granta data products and providing immediate access to useful materials property data for your engineers and designers.
  • Installing GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway so that you can access and apply materials data from within your chosen CAD or CAE system.
  • Providing end-user training for core use cases with the software, e.g., using a reference database.

Deliverables: Specification of a database based on Granta reference data. Support to implement a database and, where required, configure MI:Materials Gateway for your CAD or CAE system. Administrator and end-user training (details).

Detailed design

You can get most value from your GRANTA MI system when you use it to manage, share, and apply your in-house materials data. To do this, you will need to set up your database schema to store the right data with the right relationships. And you will need to set up importers and exporters to move your specific data in and out of the system. All of this can be done easily, using the simple-to-use GRANTA MI:Admin tools. But Granta can also provide time and expertise to help you get the system design right, and to make the implementation as efficient as possible.

If you used the Materials Information Survey service while defining your GRANTA MI project, you will already have an Implementation Plan providing an outline of your system and the process to create it. At this point, we can help you to refine this Plan, to complete the detailed database schema design (using templates that Granta can provide), and to deliver a detailed Project Plan with an agreed set of actions and timeline for project delivery.

Alternatively, we can conduct the Survey exercise at this point to create the set of plans that you will need.

Deliverables: Final Implemetation Plan. Detailed Project Plan, including database schema design.


Now you will move into delivery. Often, there is a Phase 1 project to support a given department or site, which can then be extended to more of the organization in later phases. Whatever phasing has been agreed in your Implementation Plan, Granta can help you to make each stage a success. All of the delivery tasks can be completed by the user organization using in-house skills and resources. GRANTA MI is designed to make this as easy as possible. But we know that resource and time constraints or other priorities often slow you down.

If required, Granta can provide expert staff to help with:

  • Configuring the system to the agreed requirements.
  • Performing data migration from legacy systems.
  • Integration with existing systems such as test equipment, CAE, PLM, and ERP systems:
    • Importers—configure GRANTA MI to support import of specific data to the system.
    • Exporters—enable export of data in standard file formats.
    • MI:Materials Gateway—integrate GRANTA MI access into your CAD or CAE system.
  • Creation of custom reports—building tools that use the data in the system to deliver information in the exact format you require (e.g., as HTML, PDF, or Excel).
  • Gathering user feedback and refining the system.

Deliverables: Expert Granta staff on-site or working remotely to deliver key configuration and data handling tasks.

Prepare roll-out

Even the best systems won't deliver the best results unless we account for the human element correctly—we need to optimize the system for the people who will actually use it, and help them to make best use of it. GRANTA MI provides some great tools to support this process. Granta can provide our experience of having applied these tools for many other organizations. Key tasks that we can help with include:

  • Testing your in-house production IT system and using feedback to refine the final rolled-out system.
  • Support for configuration of the GRANTA MI interface (e.g., homepages) to help key user groups to find what they need.
  • Documentation of processes.
  • Preparation of end-user training materials.
  • Planning the roll-out schedule.

Deliverables: GRANTA MI homepages, system documentation, training materials, Roll-out Plan.

Roll-out / user training

As you roll-out the system, Granta can also help you to train end-users via on-site training or web training sessions.

And Granta can also help you to monitor system usage and reports statistics that help to validate your initial business case or to support further roll-out of GRANTA MI.

Following initial roll-out, Granta can provide any services that are required for further phases—for example, you may wish to use our Detailed Design service to design a Phase 2 project and then get support to deliver and roll-out that project.

Deliverables: End-user training (details) and monitoring reports on usage.