Implementation Services




GRANTA MI Implementation Services:
Definition Phase

On this page are details of the Granta Services that help you as you assess your
need for materials information management and define a system that can meet this need:

Business case development

Do you need to verify whether materials information management can provide you with a return on investment? Do you need to work out which specific areas would provide the quickest and most substantial returns? Or do you simply need a well-researched case to support investment in a materials information management project? Granta has substantial experience in working with engineering enterprises to analyze their materials information management needs and to build a business case: whether at the project, departmental, or corporate level. We will:

  • Interview key members of staff to establish your materials information management needs
  • Apply our knowledge of best practice materials information management and typical returns in similar situations to yours
  • Recommend the best approaches for your situation and indicate likely returns from following these approaches
  • Align the business case with your process improvement strategies (e.g., methodologies such as 6 sigma, lean, and 3P)

Deliverable: A short report summarizing your materials information challenges, an outline approach to meeting these challenges, and likely returns from applying such an approach.

Nice "collaboration" pictureMaterials information survey

Once you've made the business case for considering materials information management, a typical first step is a more detailed analysis of your materials information environment, enabling you to specify the right solution for your needs and to put together an implementation plan for that solution. A Granta materials information survey can enable you to achieve this quickly, with least effort, and applying Granta's knowledge of similar situations and problems. Granta's materials information technology experts will visit you site and:

  • Apply our proprietary Materials Information Survey Kit™ to conduct detailed interviews, workshops, and process mapping sessions with stakeholders from management, key materials and engineering departments, IT, and other groups involved in the project
  • A key focus of the Survey is understanding use cases—how, and for what purpose do you need to use materials information?
  • Review in detail issues such as the key use cases and problems relating to materials data, the main types of data and how they are curently managed and maintained, the ideal workflows for materials data in your company, needs for integration with other business and engineering software, and constraints or requirements due to corporate systems and policies
  • Provide an Implementation Roadmap detailing a system that can meet your requirements and providing an outline plan for implementation

Deliverable: A detailed report analyzing your materials information environment and providing an Implementation Roadmap for a system that can meet your use cases.

Assemble & develop project team

Experience of hundreds of materials information management implementations has taught us the importance of assembling a good project team from the outset. If you decide to proceed with an implementation, we will help to identify this team, making sure it has the right mix of stakeholders and skills.

A project kick-off meeting will:

  • Introduce the Implementation Roadmap for your company
  • Ensure that the project scope, timeline, goals, and metrics for success are agreed
  • Ensure that key responsibilities and actions are clear to all members of the project team
  • Introduce the key principles behind materials information management and the GRANTA MI system

Deliverable: Support to select a well-balanced project team and in briefing that team.

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