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Version 8—Extend the reach of your materials knowledge

GRANTA MI Version 8 adds new tools, features, and data that increase access to the materials knowledge stored in your corporate materials database, and that enable this knowledge to be applied by more people in your organization, across more locations, and in support of more initiatives.

Using MI:Explore to search and view micrographs

New MI:Explore web application for fast access to data and an outstanding user experience.

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Increase returns on
materials knowledge
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Support secure, robust, global implementations
Configuring a Rules Engine for Attribute Based Access Control.

Unlock the knowledge in your corporate materials database for more people, with improved performance, greater flexibility, and new tools that provide access to a wider community of users. Get more return from your investments in materials engineering and materials information, ensure better materials decision-making, and drive implementation of business strategies to reduce risk and cost.
  Updates to core GRANTA MI software deliver a faster, more easily configurable system. Next generation access control offers finer control over who can access data and is easier than ever to manage and integrate with existing authorization systems. We're also introducing new data synchronization technology that will optimize global implementations.

Instant, easy access to the
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Import and share data quickly
A ready-to-use, locked down template for supplier Mill Test Report submissions created in minutes with new Excel Template Definitions.

MI:Explore is an exciting new app for accessing your data that provides an outstanding user experience. Easily configure apps for particular user groups in a company using out-of-the box functionality, or add custom features with the new developers toolkit. The result: people can find and use the data they need fast, with zero training.   For materials engineering teams that maintain a corporate materials database, enhanced MI:Admin tools mean less need for support from IT. Smart templates mean you can quickly enable users to import from a new data source. You also get improved performance, for example, in handling large files. And there will be more users for the data you generate, with fewer errors.

Use best industry practice to manage restricted substances risk


Integrate materials information with your PLM solution

Benefit from the experiences of top aerospace enterprises in managing risks related to restricted substances. Using the recommendations of the EMIT Consortium (more details), Granta has developed an updated template database within the MI:Restricted Substances Package, capturing best practices and enabling fast implementation when building systems to manage restricted substances risk.   Reduce risk and make better-informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle. New MI:Materials Gateway for Windchill provides seamless integration with the Windchill PLM environment from PTC, adding to the previous integration with Teamcenter from Siemens PLM. Materials information can inform decisions from supply chain to product design.

Get controlled data into CAE for accurate simulation
Mitigate risk from Critical Materials


Make more of materials knowledge to inspire industrial design
Select & simulate
with latest metals data

Improve accuracy and consistency in simulation, with updated exporters for getting materials data from GRANTA MI into CAE packages. The new MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh provides direct acces to materials data from within Altair's leading CAE pre-processor, expanding the range of available MI:Materials Gateways for CAE applications. Improved handling of large files also helps with storing simulation results in GRANTA MI.   A new MI:Industrial Design Package lets design-led companies get the most out of materials knowledge. Inspire designers by enabling them to find materials using criteria like color and texture, while helping to reduce costs by guiding them towards preferred materials. Ensure design decisions are aligned with engineering possibilities.

Analyze Bills of Materials to cut environmental and regulatory risk


Access the latest metals data...Focus selection with improved filtering

With the new MI:Product Intelligence Package, risks can be assessed and minimized early in the product design process thanks to easy-to-use tools that provide instant reporting on environmental impact and regulatory factors. Available via the innovative MI:BoM Analyzer web app or within your CAD system.   As well as managing your corporate data, GRANTA MI lets you access and compare high quality reference data from a number of trusted providers, all in one place. Updated metals data lets you make better material decisions. Enhancements include new hardenability data in Stahldat SX, easier ways to report on available forms in MI-21, and the latest NIMS Creep and Fatigue data.

...and the latest plastics data,
all in one place


Support additive manufacturing with powerful data management

Access data from respected providers, for example, Prospector Plastics from UL, and the CAMPUS and M-Base data from M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH. These are fully updated and include enhanced links to Granta's updated MaterialUniverse, which provides data to support searching and comparison of the full range of engineering materials.   GRANTA MI provides a future-proof solution for managing the large quantities of inter-related materials data involved in additive manufacturing research. The technology has been proven for this application through a number of collaborative projects. Version 8 helps with performance improvements, including speed and large file handling, and new template technology, making it easier to extend supported data types.

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