GRANTA MI Version 6 (Released 2012)

Find what you need in GRANTA MI Version 6

GRANTA MI Version 5 was released in November 2012.

Information on the next release—GRANTA MI version 7  

Information on the previous release—GRANTA MI version 5  

For engineering enterprises, GRANTA MI is the only materials information management system that creates a single, secure, traceable, source for all of your materials data, integrated with the tools you need to deploy and use that data effectively in materials teams, design, and beyond. Improve Materials & Process team productivity. Design better products, faster. Save cost throughout the product lifecycle. Avoid risk due to regulation, design delays, or product quality.

Version 6 makes it easier to find the data that you need.

You’ll also find new and improved tools to help you manage and apply that data.

Search with material intelligence
Improved search for material designations
Find information via your web browser with faster, better search, tuned for materials designations.


Handling real materials data
Improved handling of sparse materials data
You'll find clearer presentation and interrogation of data where materials properties vary with test conditions or other parameters.

New NX integration
Find the data that you need in CAD and CAE—now including NX and ANSYS Workbench. More 


Eco dashboards in CAD
The Eco Audit Dashboard, showing the effect of chaning material assignments in Pro/ENGINEER
Interactive reporting on eco impact and restricted substances in your CAD system.

Upload anywhereImporting your data to GRANTA MI
Build and maintain your corporate information resource more efficiently with improved tools for bulk import of test results and other data stored in Excel.


Materials substitutionImproved substitution algorithm
Find replacement materials with an enhanced substitution algorithm.

Sheet Steels for AutomotiveSteel Sheets for Automotive
Find new data that helps preparation of simulation models for crash, stamping, and forming. More 


Metals, plastics, and moreTensile test data from the MMPDS aerospace alloys data module
Find new reference data for: metals, plastics, restricted substances, and medical materials. More 

Critical materialsCritical materials data helps you to assess and mitigate materials supply risk
Find out about potential problems with conflict minerals and other material supply risks. More 


Surface treatments
Apply surface treatment specifications and report on their restricted substance risk
Find out which of your surface treatments are associated with restricted substance risk.

Export to CES Selector
Export to CES Selector
Export data to CES Selector for graphical analysis on your PC.


Easy admin
Easy-to-use tools to build and manage your database
You'll also find it easier to administer the system, without the need for advanced IT skills.

Improved help
Find the help you need within MI:Viewer with an improved user help system.


System integration
Integrate with in-house tools
Integrate your in-house tools via an improved API.


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