Key benefits

Get instant access to the materials data you need, anywhere in your enterprise via a web browser.

Access control ensures users see only data for which they are authorized.

See the context for data and the relationships between data—supports understanding and ensures traceability.

Apply materials data to gain insight and make decisions via reports, charts, and integration with tools such as Excel.

Present the right data and tools in the right way for specific groups of users.


GRANTA MI:Viewer is a web browser-based user interface for GRANTA MI, enabling detailed interaction with the materials data in the system.

Via MI:Viewer, any user can access and use the corporate materials data stored in a GRANTA MI database in an intuitive, familiar environment, right on their desktop. MI:Viewer takes advantage of all of the enterprise data management capabilities of MI:Server so that, for example, users only see information appropriate to their role.

Interacting with chart data via the MI:Viewer user interface

Interacting with a graph in MI:Viewer. Here the user is zooming in to read-off
and compare data points from a series of curves.

Why MI:Viewer?

Browse, query, and edit

Browsing alloy data in MI:Viewer

Within MI:Viewer, it's quick and easy to browse the materials data in your corporate database. Or to apply fast, advanced search tools to find the information that you need—including the ability to query across multiple databases.

Materials data is displayed in datasheets, which can mix text, numbers, images, interactive graphs, and hyperlinks to related information, documents, or media files. Authorized users can edit data in the database from within the MI:Viewer interface.

So you have fast access to all of the information you need, together with its context and pedigree, from your desktop.


Report and chart

Comparing in-house test results with handbook data

Add data to a list with a mouse-click and then generate reports, charts, and tables based on that list, providing invaluable insight.

Plot test data against design curves (above) to study the fit. Compare selected properties for different materials side‑by‑side in a table. Get notifications of changes to data in a 'watch list'. Create graphs of data points from test series and look for outliers. MI:Viewer's data analysis tools help you to refine and apply the data in your corporate materials information system.

MI:Viewer can also host specialist reports (for example, to analyze restricted substances or critical materials).


Export and integrate

Data can be exported to Excel in a single button click

New in Version 9
Export a datasheet; export multiple images and files

The data underlying any graph in MI:Viewer can be copied and pasted directly into Excel for analysis. With GRANTA MI Version 9, you can export a full datasheet to Excel with just a single click, and it is easy to export multiple images and files.

You can also export data for use in a wide range of CAD and CAE systems (see below) as well as for graphing and analysis in CES Selector, Granta's expert tool for materials decision support.

So MI:Viewer supports integration with a wide range of standard engineering tools. See MI:Materials Gateway for direct access to GRANTA MI data from within CAD, CAE, and PLM.



ASM Medical Materials database - an example of customizing the appearance of a GRANTA MI implementation

MI:Viewer is easy to configure to corporate guidelines, or for specific users or groups of users.

You can create homepages (above, an example created for a publicly-accessible database by ASM International) with your organization's look, feel, and language. These can provide access to specific data, tools, or queries in ways that are tailored to your most common applications.

Profiles configure access so that a user sees and applies only relevant data. Use them, for example, to enable design teams to focus on only the design data in the database, or to enable users to switch to a view showing only composite data.

EXPORT CAPabilities: GRANTA MI users have used MI:Viewer's easy-to-configure
exporter feature to support export to systems including:
  • Abaqus/CAE
  • ANSYS Classic
  • ANSYS Workbench
  • CATIA V5
  • MatML
  • Nastran
  • Patran
  • Pro/ENGINEER and Creo
  • SolidWorks


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