Key benefits

Get all of your materials information in one place—avoid lost data, save time in finding information, and get a more complete view of materials problems.

Make better, more consistent materials choices enterprise-wide.

Meet strategic objectives such as avoiding cost, designing to comply with regulations, and enabling global manufacturing.

Improve business processes relating to materials, particularly in multi-site, multi-business enterprises.

GRANTA MI:Materials Strategy Package

Materials StrategyA package of software and services that provides everything you need to implement a consistent, informed, strategic approach to the way materials decisions are made within your organization.

The problem

Initiatives on engineering efficiency, global consistency, supplier rationalization, and preferred materials are increasingly common in engineering enterprises. Companies recognize the problems associated with making materials choices across multiple teams and business units, and in the context of global supply chains and manufacturing. The sum of the individual decisions made by engineers is often not the best possible result for the company. This may be because because engineers have incomplete information—for example, they don't know the most cost-effective choice for an application, or regional constraints on material availability. It may be because 'material strategies', such as agreeing a list of preferred suppliers in order to gain economies of scale, have not been effectively rolled-out enterprise-wide. Granta can help with these problems, along with many other problems where materials decisions impact your business strategy.

How MI:Materials Strategy helps

All of the materials knowledge that you need in one place

With GRANTA MI, you can get all of your corporate materials data, information, and knowledge into one place. That doesn't just mean materials specifications and property data from testing or design, but related information on cost, applications, environmental performance, restricted substances, and processing. Valuable information that might otherwise be lost or hidden becomes easy to find and search, saving time and helping engineers to get a more complete view of materials problems. In the same system, you can manage and access not only your proprietary knowledge, but your choice from a range of authoritative reference information on metals, composites, plastics, and environmental and regulatory factors relating to materials.

Supporting your business strategy

Data where it is needed to empower design decisions

GRANTA MI helps you to make this unrivalled materials knowledge resource available, where and when it is needed. Through the MI:Materials Gateway technology, design teams and simulation analysts can access and apply managed materials data from within CAD, CAE, and PLM tools. Dashboards and reports help them to understand the implications of their materials choices for the weight, performance, regulatory compliance, and environmental impact of their designs. You can make sure, for example, that corporate preferred materials are clearly flagged, guiding designers towards choices that fit with company materials strategies.

MI:Optimize - Applying business rules to choose materials via a browser.

Applying business rules to choose materials via a browser.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway Version provides materials data where and when it is needed, in CAD and PLM.

Accessing materials data in CAD.

Tools to develop and deploy your 'business rules'

With the MI:Optimize tool, you can also deploy your specific 'business rules' via a simple-to-use wizard user interface in a web browser, guiding engineers towards the right materials choice. The tool asks questions about the application for which a material is required and then identifies and ranks potential materials. Both the questions that are asked and the logic that underlies the recommendations can be configured for your business—for example, guiding designers to use preferred suppliers, or warning them of materials that have supply problems in particular regions. The tool uses the respected 'Ashby rational selection' method, which identifies the material with the best 'cost per unit of function' for the application being considered. Another tool, MI:Substitute, helps experts to identify potential replacements for a material that has been rendered obsolete, perhaps by supply or regulatory issues.

What do you buy?

MI:Materials Strategy provides a 'ready-to-go' GRANTA MI system for implementing your business strategies relating to materials enterprise-wide. The Granta team will work with you to specify a system that meets your exact needs. Solution components are:

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