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Key benefits

Save time and money by providing the right materials data to analysts, directly within their CAE environment.

Manage data with full traceability, maximizing reuse and increasing confidence.

Enable efficient, accurate derivation of simulation data from tests.

Understand the connection between material datasets for CAD and CAE, enabling gaps to be filled early on, minimizing delays.

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GRANTA MI:Simulation Package

SimulationMaterials data is essential for simulation. The GRANTA MI:Simulation Package ensures that analysts get the right materials data, in the right format, error-free. You can manage the full lifecycle for simulation data and all related datasets. Guarantee full traceability, increase confidence in results and re-use of data, and enable a more efficient workflow between CAD and CAE.


Product overview and case studies

PDF Download the MI:Simulation Product Overview 

Case studies: Jaguar Land Rover and PSA Peugeot Citroën.

MI:Explore web app provides a quick, easy method for
analysts to browse and compare available simulation models

MI:Materials Gateway for Abaqus/CAE

Accessing materials models directly with Abaqus/CAE
through the MI:Materials Gateway app

How MI:Simulation helps

Improve confidence in materials data for simulation

Save time finding simulation input

Generate materials data for simulation, fast and error-free

Avoid use of obsolete, incorrect, or inconsistent data

Bridge the gap between CAD and CAE

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