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Key benefits

Avoid business risk due to restricted substance regulations such as REACH—multi-million dollar costs, delays, and reputational damage

Base decisions on robust data about the materials and specifications that drive use of restricted substances

Analyze both legacy products and designs

Consider compliance during design, where change costs least for most impact

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GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances Package

Restricted SubstancesManufacturing enterprises face restricted substances challenges at every level: from executives concerned with corporate liability, to engineers making practical materials choices. You need a new way to respond.

GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances

Product overview and case studies

PDF Download the MI:Restricted Substances Product Overview 

PDF Case studies from Boeing and Rolls-Royce 

How does MI:Restricted Substances help?

Fill gaps in company knowledge

Take control of essential information

Understand vital material, process, and specification choices

Manage business risk - for materials, processes, designs, and products

Speed up reporting and analysis - solve the 'BoM problem'

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