Key benefits

Create and maintain one consistent source for corporate materials information

Integrate company material intelligence into engineering workflows via Creo and Windchill

Give designers and analysts quick, easy access to the materials data that they need, with full traceability

Avoid delay and inconsistency by linking material datasets across CAD, CAE, and PLM

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Material intelligence in PTC software

Granta partners with PTC to ensure materials support for CAD and PLM users. The GRANTA MI software creates a single, approved source of corporate materials information and integrates it into product design, simulation, and development. This includes support for Creo CAD and Windchill PLM.

PDF Download an Overview of Material Intelligence in PTC software 

PDF White paper: Material Intelligence for Enterprise CAD and PLM 

Sample materials data in Creo

Granta has partnered with PTC to provide sample data for 117 commonly-used engineering materials within every copy of the Creo CAD software.


Approved corporate materials data in Creo and Windchill

MI:Materials Gateway is an integrated app within Creo, for instant access to the data in your corporate GRANTA MI database. GRANTA MI also integrates with Windchill to ensure consistency in the material definitions used throughout the product lifecycle.

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