Key Benefits

Gain time currently spent finding and analyzing data

Avoid lost data and duplication of tests, re-use corporate knowledge

Get cost-effective, efficient multi-user access to essential plastics reference data such as CAMPUS and Prospector

Optimize selection and substitution decisions for plastics

Control data—guarantee security, eliminate errors

GRANTA MI:Plastics Package

PlasticsA package of GRANTA MI software and services supporting efficient management of in-house materials data, integrated with reference data for plastics from leading industry sources.

The problem

How do you capture proprietary test data and application information on plastics? How do you keep track of the huge amounts of available data on plastics, which are expanding with the explosion in new polymer grades and advances in polymer simulation? How do you validate supplier data against in-house experience? For many engineering enterprises, such questions are hard to answer because information on their materials is not systematically captured, is scattered around the organization, and is hard to access. Similarly, accessing plastics reference information requires engineers to use lots of different websites or databases. As a result data is used inconsistently or lost, tests and analyses are duplicated, inaccuracies are introduced to the design process, and opportunities to optimize products are missed. It's also hard to make informed selection or substitution decisions, accounting for the full range of relevant mechanical, processing, rheological, flammability, and chemical resistance properties. Granta can help.

How MI:Plastics helps

Best practice data management

GRANTA MI provides a powerful system to capture, analyze, and maintain all of your in-house materials data (plastics, composites, metals, and more) and to deploy this data to the engineers that need it. You benefit from the best practice approaches and tools developed by the Material Data Management Consortium. With GRANTA MI tools, you can capture materials data in testing, research, and QA (e.g.,direct from test machines) together with the results of analyses and the vital relationships between all of this information. Engineers and design teams across your enterprise can then get the data they need, within their routine workflows. Avoid loss of data, ensure that individual users see only data that is appropriate to their roles and for which they are authorized, guarantee traceability for data, and manage changing data with full version control. Alongside property data, you can also capture the related notes, documents, and media files that embody your company's experience about plastics and other materials. This makes it much easier to find and re-use this knowledge—for example, to apply past experience of which polymers were successful for a particular application.

Browsing M-Base Plastics data within the GRANTA MI software.

Browsing M-Base mechanical property data including creep data

A comprehensive range of reference data from leading plastics experts.

Within the same system as your proprietary data, you can store and access any of a wide range of plastics reference data from authoritative providers. Granta's own MaterialUniverse data provides broad coverage of engineering plastics with normalized, generic datasheets allowing easy comparison of materials. MaterialUniverse can also act as an 'index' to the specialist plastics resources available within GRANTA MI. These include the CAMPUS data, providing high quality, highly-comparable data based on the consistent use of ISO standards across thousands of plastics grades. Complement this data with quality data on tens of thousands of commodity plastics and their applications from M-Base. Access the IDES data—a huge resource of plastic resins specification sheets from vendors worldwide. All of this data is searchable in one place via a simple web browser interface, or even from within your CAD or CAE software.

MI:Explore used to browse data on automotive applications

Browsing application information in the fast MI:Explore web application

Tools to analyze and apply the data

With GRANTA MI, not only can you build a rich resource of in-house and reference data on plastics, you can also put that resource to good use. Engineers have fast, error-free access to the data on their desktops. Graphing and reporting tools make it easy to view and compare data—for example, to see how your in-house data compares to reference data. Smart tools, such as MI:Substitute, help you to make better materials decisions—for example, accounting for the full range of relevant properties while identifying potential replacements for an obsolete plastic grade, and then screening those candidates for possible problems. GRANTA MI enables a complete, informed view of your in-house plastics and the plastics in your supply chain, helping you not only to react to problems, but also to take proactive steps to identify risks and optimize performance.

What do you buy?

MI:Metals provides a 'ready-to-go' GRANTA MI system for metals information management. The Granta team will work with you to specify a system that meets your exact needs. Solution components are:

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