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Mvision Transfer Package

Granta is experiencing increasing demand from companies seeking a sustainable solution to support legacy materials databases developed in the Mvision system from MSC Software. 

Mvision was a pioneering system for materials information management, and its user organizations have made significant investments in building some very valuable datasets and tools. Granta is already working with a number of these organizations to protect this investment, moving this key intellectual property to the GRANTA MI system. GRANTA MI is unique in being able to support Mvision data within a system with both a robust on-going development program, and a proven track-record of implementation at dozens of leading engineering enterprises worldwide. GRANTA MI is developed in active collaboration with the Material Data Management Consortium and supported by Granta's Services team, which has unrivalled experience of implementing materials information technology in industry. This experience includes supporting organizations during the change management processes required to move user communities to a new system, ensuring minimal disruption.

We have developed a package of software and services to facilitate this process for other Mvision users. This package offers an easy, cost-effective, and proven migration path.

The Package

  • Software—licenses for the GRANTA MI system components required to host your materials database, and to capture, analyze, maintain, and deploy your data. GRANTA MI runs on the Windows operating system, with access via a web browser user interface, and options for integration to third-party CAD / CAE / PLM software
  • Services to support the migration of data from your Mvision databanks to GRANTA MI—data fragments or entire databanks can be migrated, in .inp, or .tab (with the associated .def file), and/or any delineated ASCII file format
  • Data import tools—if required, we will create the first import templates to populate and maintain your GRANTA MI database from your existing data sources—additional templates can be readily created either by you (we will provide training), or by Granta
  • Data export tools—if required, we will create the first CAE export functions to output data from your GRANTA MI database in your chosen CAD / CAE / PLM formats—additional export functions can be readily created either by you (we will provide training), or by Granta
  • Project management – development of a migration plan and weekly WebEx / telephone conferences until the migration is complete
  • Training—to make sure that you get up-to-speed with running your corporate materials database on GRANTA MI as quickly as possible, and with minimum effort

Your new GRANTA MI system

With GRANTA MI, we are pleased to offer you:

  • A robust, mature, system designed based on unrivalled experience of implementing materials data management in real, large engineering enterprises
  • A commitment to continued development, in close collaboration with industrial users, particularly via Granta’s consortia projects
  • The flagship product of Granta Design, a growing and profitable company with over 120 staff. We are dedicated entirely to the field of materials information technology—by far the largest organization in the world with this unique focus
  • A flexible platform designed to integrate with your other engineering and business systems—our new MI:Gateway technology even allows seamless access to your corporate materials data from within third-party CAD / CAE / PLM systems
  • Standard software technologies that are inexpensive to maintain and for which you can guarantee future support (for example, our server technology runs on Windows, not on expensive, complex UNIX systems)

Our primary goal in working with you will be to ensure your business continuity—making the migration process as smooth and easy as possible, while providing you a system that you can be sure will support your long-term materials data needs.

All work will be performed under two-way NDA.

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