Key Benefits

Protect your previous investment in materials data and tools

Consolidate your corporate materials data into a single system that can be managed and maintained in the future

Apply Granta tools and services to minimize the effort involved in this process

Migrating to GRANTA MI

Organizations implementing a materials data management system using GRANTA MI will need to migrate data and tools into this new system. Data may be stored in spreadsheets, text files, or in-house database systems. Or it may be in a legacy system created using third-party software. In either case, Granta has flexible data import technology and supporting services that will help you to transfer data efficiently.

Your largest investment in materials data is in the collection, collation, and analysis of the data itself. It is vital to protect this investment, and the knowledge and intellectual property that resides in the data. GRANTA MI provides the security of a system that is up-to-date, maintained, and enhanced in collaboration with leading engineering enterprises, and which offers integration with engineering software and powerful export tools to ensure that you can deploy data when and where you need it.

Migration from in-house systems

GRANTA MI provides tools that allow data to be imported in bulk from text files or Excel. These importer tools can be easily configured to read the data file formats of your in-house file systems, databases, or analysis tools. Configuration can usually be performed by your own staff following brief training. Or you can engage Granta services staff to do the configuration and import for you.

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GRANTA MI can also store any document format within its database structure. This means that original Excel files, Word documents, PDF documents, video, images, and other media can all be captured in the database, annotated, and linked to related information.

Migration from third-party software (e.g., Mvision)

You may have supported your corporate materials data management using other commercial software. Users in this situation have often experienced difficulty either because the software was not designed for materials data, or because materials data was only a minor focus for the organization supplying the software, leading to issues with on-going maintenance of the software. The good news is that Granta can help you to transfer data from such systems into a fully maintained and supported GRANTA MI database. Granta's sole focus is the maintenance and development of materials information technology.

In particular, we have recently experienced increasing interest in transferring data from legacy systems built using the Mvision system from MSC Software. We are able to offer a special package to support such transfer.

Mvision to GRANTA MI transfer package 

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