Key Benefits

Get all of the information you need for effective material selection and substitution

Gain efficiency when searching for data—reduce development times

Increase innovation through access to complete materials knowledge—both proprietary knowledge and reference information

Reduce costs of material or product testing by eliminating duplication across projects

Support regulatory requirements and quality processes with fully traceable data

Case study—Ethicon Surgical Care

GRANTA MI:Medical Package

MedicalA package of GRANTA MI software, data, documentation, and services that provides a solution for the materials data management challenges faced by medical device companies. Integrated in the same system are leading reference data sources for materials of relevance to medical applications.

The problem

How can you be sure that you are selecting the best material for your device, packaging, or supporting instrumentation? Can you quickly identify the right substitute for a material that has become expensive or obsolete? Have you got the right materials data so that you can trust your simulation results? Such critical product development questions demand good materials information. But, very often, medical device companies are not systematic in the way that they capture, manage, and use this information. It's hard to find what the company already knows about materials. Information from one project is not available to others. Materials data generated during product testing is not shared. It's too time-consuming to fill in information gaps and complement corporate knowledge with the best available reference information. With an incomplete picture, engineers lack confidence as they struggle to make the best design decisions. The results are longer design-cycles and time-to-market, repetition of mistakes and testing from previous projects, and reduced effectiveness in tackling materials problems. Granta can help.

How MI:Medical helps

One place for all corporate materials information

With GRANTA MI, you can create a single corporate materials database in which you can store all of the materials data that you need—both in-house data from testing, QA, research, and design, and authoritative reference information covering the materials used in medical devices. With fast, secure access to this information resource from across your enterprise, you can enable quicker and better materials selection and substitution, ensuring that your engineers can identify materials that meet all necessary criteria. You can reduce design-cycle time, as less time is spent looking for data. You can also reduce retesting costs, since engineers can find out immediately what testing has already been done. And you can maximize your return on investment in corporate knowledge, ensuring that materials data is not used once, then discarded.

Viewing medical data in GRANTA MI

Viewing data about a plastic in GRANTA MI. The datasheet (right panel) shows material properties, medical application information, and links to test data. The database 'tree view' (left panel) indicates some of the types of data that can be stored in the system—examples include materials specifications, biocompatibility tests, and wear test data.

The right data, and the tools to use it

Materials data is specialist data, particularly in the medical market, where you need to consider complex engineering properties alongside medical properties (e.g., biocompatibility) and regulatory information (e.g., which materials have been used in predicate devices). GRANTA MI is designed to store this specialist information, and to help your engineers find it fast, when and where they need it—via a simple web browser user interface, or even within their CAD, CAE or PLM software. Within GRANTA MI, it's easy to compare data on different materials and to use tools, for example, to identify potential substitutes for a material that has become obsolete for cost, supplier, or regulatory reasons. Engineers can incorporate more criteria into materials selection and substitution, gaining a better understanding earlier in the design and development process, when changes cost least and matter most. And they can have more confidence in their results, knowing that they have applied the best available data and searched all available options.

MI:Explore used to browse data on automotive applications

Browsing application information in the fast MI:Explore web application

Manage corporate materials knowledge across multiple projects

With GRANTA MI, you can capture the materials knowledge generated in each development project, and share it with appropriately-authorized engineers across your enterprise. Access control capabilities ensure that users only see information that is appropriate to their role. And GRANTA MI is designed to ensure 'traceability', capturing not only items of data but their context and inter-relationships, so that you can always follow links to find the source of the information in the system. GRANTA MI supports auditability. With these capabilities, you can ensure that valuable corporate knowledge can be applied in new product development and across all of your project teams. You reduce the risk of repeating mistakes made in past projects. All while cutting time-to-market.

What do you buy?

MI:Metals provides a 'ready-to-go' GRANTA MI system for metals information management. The Granta team will work with you to specify a system that meets your exact needs. Solution components are:

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