Materials information for Autodesk Inventor

Direct access to validated materials property data from within Autodesk Inventor

Enterprise solution: Deploy corporate materials information to engineers and designers throughout the company for use within their Autodesk Inventor workflows

Eco Materials Adviser: any Autodesk Inventor can access cloud-hosted data and apply embedded eco dashboards to guide design

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Autodesk Inventor

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ for Autodesk Inventor enables users of the Autodesk Inventor software to directly access and use validated materials property data from a GRANTA MI database, while working in their familiar CAD environment. This data can be applied to guide materials decisions and to optimize environmental performance.

Granta provides two applications to support Autodesk Inventor.

Enterprise solution

Where you have an enterprise installation of the GRANTA MI system, MI:Materials Gateway is an application running within Autodesk Inventor that enables you to access and browse your corporate materials database (and Granta-supplied materials reference data), to choose applicable materials, and to assign those materials to parts within the Autodesk Inventor model.

Designers can ensure that parts have the correct density for mass property calculations, can assign designations and other notes to get stored in the CAD model, and can generate interactive dashboards and reports that summarize materials assignments and calculate environmental properties for the design.

Eco Materials Adviser

You can apply this powerful technology even if your company does not have a GRANTA MI installation. Eco Materials Adviser is an application that is shipped with every copy of Autodesk Inventor. It connects to a cloud-hosted database containing authoritative materials property data. You can apply this data within an embedded environmental assessment dashboard, enabling you to interactively calculate the environmental performance of a design. The Base Version is available to all Autodesk Inventor users. The Full Version upgrade provides cloud-hosted access to a comprehensive database of 3,000 metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics plus more in-depth eco analysis.

Visit the Eco Materials Adviser website 

Search and browse materials data, assign selected materials to your Autodesk Inventor model, and explore the design implications—e.g., with interactive environmental assessment.

Search and browse materials data, assign selected materials to your Autodesk Inventor model, and explore the design implications—e.g., with interactive environmental assessment.

If you are an Autodesk Inventor user...

  1. If your company users GRANTA MI... great! If GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Autodesk Inventor has been enabled:
    • You can access and apply corporate materials data via the option in the Autodesk Inventor toolbar
    • Users with a My Granta account can also access the User Guide, updates, and other resources here 

  2. If you don't have access to GRANTA MI... try Eco Materials Adviser. The Base Version is already installed with Autodesk Inventor 2012, 2013, and 2014. And you can upgrade to the Full Version for even more data and features.

    Visit the Eco Materials Adviser website 

If you are not an Autodesk Inventor user…

Find out about the GRANTA MI system for materials information management and its range of options for delivering materials property data to engineers, designers, and analysts. More 

GRANTA MI enables access to materials data via a simple web browser user interface, or integrated with a range of CAD and CAE systems through the MI:Materials Gateway technology. More