MI:SDK—the Software Developer Kit for GRANTA MI

Use the MI:SDK to develop your own software tools, Web Apps, and custom reports to run on GRANTA MI or to integrate GRANTA MI programmatically with other systems.

MI:SDK for Enterprise includes:

  • MI:Scripting Toolkit (can be purchased separately)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to access data managed in GRANTA MI via Custom Reports, Web Services or C#.

Development tasks can be performed by your IT team or other IT-literate staff. The SDK includes the license enabling you to integrate with GRANTA MI, plus documentation for how to use technologies such as the Python and MATLAB, and sample code and notebooks. Granta can advise on recommended training and the programming skills required.

MI:Scripting Toolkit—enable powerful analysis

Use scripting languages including MATLAB and Python to build apps that enable you to analyze the data in your GRANTA MI system, apply algorithms to data, or support advanced visualization. This technology is used to support the creation of Data Analysis Apps. You can use it to implement your own analysis tools, integrated with GRANTA MI—access data in a GRANTA MI database directly, analyze it, and write the results to the database.

MI:Data Analysis App - Tensile Test Analysis

Sample App—tensile test analysis.

Custom Reports

The MI:SDK also provides the ability to develop tools to query the GRANTA MI database and report the results in a format of your choice. These reports can, for example, tabulate data, graph it, or return the results of calculations that use the data. They can be run whenever required from within the existing GRANTA MI user interfaces, your own web apps or applications, or an environment such as Excel. Output can be in formats including Excel, PDF, Word, and HTML.

Application Programming Interfaces

Web Services API

Suitable if you want to connect your applications to GRANTA MI over an http connection and require lightweight access. Use the Web Services API where you need to consume GRANTA MI-managed data in an in-house application, run in a non-Windows environment, or run with a small footprint on client machines. As GRANTA MI Web Services are standards based, client programs can be developed in any standards compliant environment.

Server API

A comprehensive interface suitable for tasks that require large scale data manipulation in a Windows .NET environment. Programming using this API requires proficiency in C# and training from Granta. It enables complex applications such as data migration, data cleaning, customized uploading, and other server based tasks.

* Note for MI:Scripting Toolkit—GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh was developed within the UK-DATACOMP project and was part-funded by the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) as one of the projects within the Composites Innovation Cluster (CIC).