Key Benefits

Use company materials knowledge to inspire industrial design teams.

Cut time-to-market by aligning design team decisions with engineering possibilities.

Support cost reduction and design for compliance initiatives in design-led companies.

GRANTA MI:Industrial Design Package

The MI:Industrial Design™ Package connects the worlds of industrial design and engineering. Design teams can find and explore materials options, while ensuring the colors, textures, and surface finishes that they specify are achievable, and are accurately translated to engineering requirements.

The problem

Materials decisions are among the most critical in determining product performance, aesthetics, sustainability, cost, and durability. Industrial design teams need inspiration. They need to know what materials are available to them, what these materials do, how they perform, how they look and feel, what they cost, and more. But materials databases—whether capturing corporate materials knowledge or third party reference information—are often engineering-oriented. They are hard for industrial designers to query using criteria such as color or texture. Equally, it is important that choices made by designers are connected to the company's engineering view of materials, so that designers choose options that can be manufactured, and so that the specification of materials is understood consistently by anyone who needs to apply it. Granta can help to integrate these two views of materials.

Searching for material inspiration based on aesthetic properties

Searching for material inspiration based on aesthetic properties.

How MI:Industrial Design helps

A fast, easy-to-use web app for industrial designers

Industrial designers can open the simple-to-use MI:Explore app and quickly search for materials that might be a good choice for their design. MI:Explore can be tailored to the exact needs of your design team ensuring, for example, that they only see relevant materials and search criteria. Types of data that can be searched and browsed include: text and pictures showing possible applications for materials; information on color, texture, and surface finishes; and materials properties such as density and strength. Properties can be represented numerically or in qualitative terms (e.g., "Light", "Brittle"). The package includes the Pantone® and NCS® color matching systems. This can be linked to the data on your company's materials so that, for example, designers can search for materials that can be finished in a particular color, or colors that are viable for a particular material.

Exploring Pantone® colors using automatically generated swatches

Exploring Pantone® colors using automatically generated swatches.

Apply your company's materials knowledge

The MI:Industrial Design Package provides a window through which your industrial designers can access and apply your company's materials knowledge, managed in the GRANTA MI system. They could, for example, see the full list of materials that have been developed by your materials engineering team or that are accessible through your suppliers. They could access information on the conditions under which materials have failed. Or they could see which materials have been designated 'preferred' as part of programs to reduce cost or regulatory risk. Industrial designers get valuable data and tools, while the company gets more return for its materials investments and help in achieving strategic objectives, for example, on cost or regulatory compliance.

Align design team decisions with engineering possibilities

Through GRANTA MI your industrial design and engineering teams are looking at different views of the same, single, well-managed corporate materials data. Granta customers often describe this as ensuring 'one source of the materials truth'. This can save time and effort and reduce risk since, for example, it will make sure that materials experts, designers, engineers, and production staff are all talking about the exact same grade of a material as it moves from conceptual design into detailed design, prototyping, and manufacture.

What do you buy?

MI:Industrial Design provides a 'ready-to-go' GRANTA MI system to integrate industrial design decision-making with your company's engineering process. The Granta team will work with you to specify a system that meets your exact needs. Solution components are:

See also: MI:Product Engineering—how GRANTA MI supports the wider product design and development process.

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