Materials data,
when and where you need it

Assign materials and guide selection in CAD

Materials reporting and dashboards in PLM

Direct access to valid materials data for CAE

One consistent source for materials data across all of your design and simulation applications

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GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway

Product development teams need accurate materials property data for design, analysis, and simulation. For the individual, GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ lets you access and apply this vital data, quickly and traceably, within your CAD, CAE, or PLM software. For the company, integration with GRANTA MI ensures consistent use of up-to-date, approved materials data, enterprise-wide.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for CAD.  Search and browse your corporate materials database (and/or Granta-supplied reference information), assign your selected materials to your model, and explore the design implications.

Accessing materials data within CAD.

GRANTA MI™ is the leading system for materials information management in engineering organizations. It enables you to control, analyze, and securely share critical corporate data on materials and processes, managing the materials information lifecycle. Alongside this proprietary data, GRANTA MI provides a comprehensive library of reference data covering many categories of properties for metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, and natural materials.

MI:Materials Gateway is an app that enables you to access all of this information from within your CAD, CAE, or PLM system (pictured, above). The data can then be applied within that system—for example, assigning materials properties to parts in a CAD model to enable accurate mass roll-ups, or importing validated materials models for use in CAE. Read more below.

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What about other design or simulation programs?

You can quickly configure GRANTA MI to export data to almost any application. Examples include LS-DYNA, Nastran, PAM-CRASH and PAM-STAMP, Patran, RADIOSS, and SolidWorks. We also have an active program, in collaboration with our engineering software partners, to develop further MI:Materials Gateway integrations. Contact us to discuss integration with your preferred system.

Why MI:Materials Gateway?

With MI:Materials Gateway you can access a single source of corporate materials data across all of you different design and simulation applications:

  • Deploy corporate materials knowledge and reference data in a controlled, secure manner
  • Give designers and engineers easy access to authoritative materials information, quickly and traceably
  • Provide guidance for materials and process decisions within engineering worfklows

For product engineering (CAD/PLM)

Using MI:Materials Gateway to assign materials found in a corporate materials database to parts in a CAD model

Integrate with enterprise CAD and PLM to ensure that the right materials information is available, when and where it is needed. Create and manage your company's 'preferred materials' list and deploy this enterprise-wide, ensuring that your design teams and engineers use approved, consistent materials descriptions. Make it easy to do mass roll-ups and compliance checks based on the right information. Enable quick, consistent, accurate decision-making.

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For simulation

Using MI:Materials Gateway to assign materials found in a corporate materials database to parts in a CAD model

Materials data is essential for simulation. The GRANTA MI:Simulation Package ensures that analysts get the right materials data, in the right format, error free. Your materials specialists can manage the full lifecycle for simulation data and all related datasets. Guarantee full traceability, increase confidence in results and re-use of data, and enable a more efficient workflow between CAD and CAE. MI:Materials Gateway delivers this approved data direct to analysts.

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