Key Benefits

Cost-effective use of the world’s leading materials information management system, accessible to all project partners.

Securely capture and retain knowledge and IP in a ‘future-proof’ system.

Easy for project partners to submit, share, and query project data.

Apply industry-proven data management templates to hit the ground running.

Avoid duplication of effort and ensure traceability of data.

Case study—AMAZE 

Case study—HITEA 

GRANTA MI:Collaborate Package

Additive Manufacturing Granta MI:Collaborate™ is a cost-effective, easily accessible package for managing and pooling materials and process data within multi-partner collaborative R&D projects. It can help you to get greater value from your project data and to demonstrate value retention for funding agencies.

The problem

Collaborative R&D programs can generate high volumes of complex data, often stored in many different formats (machine log files, electronic documents, hard copy, etc) that end up distributed across partner organizations or individual research projects. Project data is rarely aggregated or collated, so opportunities to capitalize on the collective value of the data are missed and work is duplicated. Gathering the data often represents a substantial investment of time and resources but because this data is not retained and used, the investment in projects rapidly depreciates once the project is concluded. Funding from public bodies is competitive and they are increasingly mandating plans and infrastructure to retain data and knowledge (e.g. the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Open Data Pilot) for the duration of the project and beyond. Projects need to demonstrate they have the necessary tools to meet these requirements. MI:Collaborate can help.


How MI:Collaborate helps

Easy-to-implement cloud-hosted materials data management

GRANTA MI is the world’s leading materials information management system. You can now apply this proven software to capture, collate, manage and retain all of the vital materials data in your collaborative project. All of the project data is stored in one place on a cloud-hosted system, with full traceability, and accessibility for all partners.

Granta has extensive experience in industry and government-funded collaborative projects in a wide range of subject areas. As a result, MI:Collaborate has a robust, easy-to-implement approach to managing research data, with industry-proven templates and services that will help you to hit the ground running. The templates provides a ready-to-use data structure (‘schema’) for applications such as metals, composites, restricted substances, and additive manufacturing, but flexible GRANTA MI admin tools and supporting services enable you to tailor this template to your specific project requirements. Demonstrating that you have robust systems in place will help you when bidding for projects funded by agencies that increasingly mandate plans and infrastructure to retain data and knowledge. Together with a cost-effective pricing scheme, this means that it is easy to incorporate MI:Collaborate into project proposals.

Viewing metal property data in GRANTA MI

Viewing metal property data in GRANTA MI.

Navigating additive manufacturing project data

Navigating additive manufacturing project data.

Secure, controlled management and access for project data

Collaborative R&D programs generate high volumes of data that is stored across the partner organizations. It is vital to securely capture and retain that knowledge and IP in a ‘future-proof’ system. MI:Collaborate provides access control to ensure efficient, secure sharing of data based on the authorization levels of participants, and version control to ease management of changing data. It is easy for the partners to submit, share, and query project data – this helps to avoid any duplication of effort and it ensures traceability of data. Large quantities of data can be quickly and easily uploaded by using GRANTA MI tools. A series of easy-to-use interfaces can be customized for user groups within the project to allow them to browse, search and apply the data.

A long-term solution for your project IP

Collaborative projects typically run for a defined duration and it is important to consider at the outset how the project partners will access the data after the project ends, as well as how to maintain the value of the substantial amount of data generated during the project. MI:Collaborate allows partners to maintain access to the data at the close of the project for a standard 10-year period, or for longer depending on their requirements. Partners with their own GRANTA MI installation may choose to bring the data in-house and maintain the data structure and links developed during the project. There are also options to publish the data or to bulk-export data from the system in a practical manner.

Access to a comprehensive library of reference data

As well as managing the data generated within the project, MI:Collaborate gives project partners access to optional reference data on engineering, regulatory, cost, and eco properties of materials. Project information can be complemented by Granta’s extensive library of reference information which has been built up from many trusted sources.

Be part of the growing Granta Collaborative Community

Granta’s extensive experience of collaborative projects spans a wide range of subject areas including additive manufacturing, composites, advanced metallurgy, computational materials science, resource efficiency, risk management, and coatings and substitution. One example is the multi-million pound AMAZE additive manufacturing project involving 28 leading corporations and research institutions across Europe with the aim of developing rapid production of large, defect-free components. Granta is providing an overarching materials information management system for the consortium as a single go-to source of knowledge on materials, processes and properties for process refinement and coordination. READ THE FULL CASE STUDY

Another is the HITEA consortium which has been brought together to address the need for Chromium 6+ replacement through the development of valid, industry-wide test methodologies and the application of these methods to REACH-compliant replacements. Granta is providing a single shared source of knowledge, based on GRANTA MI, used by all of the partners to capture and consolidate materials knowledge from alternative coating systems and evaluating risks associated with these systems. READ THE FULL CASE STUDY

You can benefit from technology that has been proven in such projects, and be part of this growing community, sharing best practice and collaborating with Granta and other partners to define the future of data management for your field.

What do you buy?

MI:Collaborate can be provided as a stand-alone software package for your team, installed on your network or hosted in the cloud. The solution components are:

  • Core GRANTA MI database system
  • Template databases enabling fast-start
  • Apps for data upload, browsing, querying
  • Getting started—Implementation Services
  • Cloud hosting for project duration + 10 years (standard)

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