GRANTA MI:Apps are a consistent, integrated set of tools, each targeted at specific task or set of tasks related to your materials information. Apps help you to browse, query, upload, export, analyze, visualize, report on, and apply the data in your GRANTA MI corporate materials database. And you can configure and add apps to meet your needs.

App gallery

  • New-look MI:Viewer - browsing MMPDS aero alloy data

  • MI:Explore - finding and comparing CAE models

  • MI:Explore - searching and viewing micrographs

  • MI:Materials Gateway - materials data within CAE

  • MI:Mat Analyzer - plotting and comparing property and process data

  • MI:BoM Analyzer - restricted substance risk assessment for a design

  • MI:Workflow Manager - keeping track of your tasks

Available apps

MI:Viewer The new-look web browser interface enables detailed querying, browsing, export, comparison...
MI:Explore Configure task-specific web apps to find, visualize, and apply information, fast. More 
MI:Materials Gateway Embedded apps for direct access to materials data within CAD, CAE, and PLM. More 
MI:Mat Analyzer Detailed plotting and analysis of materials data (e.g., to probe process/property relations)
MI:BoM Analyzer Import and edit Bills of Materials, then run reports to assess product risk
MI:Workflow Manager Stay on top of your critical work processes: see your task lists, notifications, and actions
MI:Remote Import Upload data to the corporate database in a few button-clicks
MI:Admin Manage and configure your database with no need for help from corporate IT support
Build your own! Create or integrate apps with the MI:SDK 

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