Key benefits

Analyze and visualize data in your GRANTA MI materials database using best-of-breed tools

For example, enable derivation of simulation data from test curves, maintaining traceability

Support controlled workflows for data analysis and simulation

GRANTA MI:Data Analysis Apps

New in Version 9
Apps to support preparation of data for simulation and design

GRANTA MI:Data Analysis Apps enable you to analyze the data in your GRANTA MI system—for example, to derive simulation or design data from test results. You can apply algorithms to data or support advanced visualization.

MI:Data Analysis Apps are typically written specifically for the data analysis requirements of your organization, either as part of your implementation services, or by your own Matlab or Python programmers using the MI:Scripting Toolkit. A sample App (pictured, below) is provided for deriving design and simulation data from tensile test curves.

MI:Data Analysis App - Tensile Test Analysis

Sample App—tensile test analysis.

From within MI:Data Analysis Apps you can browse and search your corporate GRANTA MI database, find the data that you need, analyze that data in a controlled way using your company's approved analysis methods, and upload the results to the right place in the database for future re-use.

See MI:Simulation for more on the use of data analysis as part of a comprehensive simulation solution