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Key benefits

Ensure traceability and future-proof your AM projects.

Capture the full picture: any test type for powders, materials, and parts.

Consolidate, control, and share AM data across your organization - including managing AM workflows for the lab or the enterprise.

Understand process parameters and their impact on performance.

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GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing Package

Additive ManufacturingAre you seeking to achieve the full potential of Additive Manufacturing? The GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing™ Package can help. Capture the right information from your AM projects, analyze it for insight that helps get solutions to market faster. Improve understanding of critical property / process relationships. Future-proof your AM research and development, for example, by ensuring that you are prepared for product or part qualification.

Additive Manufacturing

Product overview and case studies

PDF Download the MI:Additive Manufacturing Product Overview 

Case studies: The AMAZE project, CEA

How MI:Additive Manufacturing helps

Manage AM data, efficiently and traceably

Understand how process parameters affect part performance

Support qualification and certification of processes

See what machines and materials are available

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