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Key benefits

Understand your process parameters and the effect on part performance.

Ensure traceability and future-proof your Additive Manufacturing projects.

Capture the full picture: any test type for powders, materials, and parts.

Consolidate, control, and share Additive Manufacturing data across your organization.

Research Additive Manufacturing options and quickly focus on the most likely routes to achieve project goals.

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GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing Package

Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing promises to transform manufacturing. But only if we can ensure part performance, consistency, and quality. This requires deep understanding of process parameters and their impact on the material. The GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing™ Package can help you to gain this understanding.

Additive Manufacturing

Information related to powders, builds, machine parameters, parts, and test information can be managed, visualized, and analyzed. The history of your Additive Manufacturing testing and analysis is captured, providing full traceability and future-proofing Additive Manufacturing projects.

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Case studies: The AMAZE project, CEA

How MI:Additive Manufacturing helps

Key Features
Problems Solved
Industry best practice data structures and tools to capture the complete history of your Additive Manufacturing process data. You can query and browse data through a fast and easy-to-use web browser interface, with controlled access.

How do we efficiently manage our Additive Manufacturing data and ensure traceability?

With all of your critical data in one place, you can apply easy-to-use graphical analysis tools to plot properties and process parameters against one another and identify trends. Manage and compare data from experiment and simulation.

How do we understand how process parameters affect part performance?

Ensure you capture all of the data that might be needed for future qualification or certification. Input data can be captured according to ASTM F42 standards and you can configure the system to generate automated qualification reports.


How will we qualify or certify our process?

Access the Senvol Database™ to search and compare materials based on properties, type, or compatible machines.

What machines and materials are available?

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