GRANTA:MI - materials information management

Control materials data enterprise-wide. Analyze it to generate valuable materials information. Apply this information to make better decisions. You can increase quality, innovate, gain time, reduce risk and cost—and capture the resulting knowledge for future re-use. System overview 

GRANTA MI Version 9 makes it easier than ever to integrate 'material intelligence' across your enterprise. More details 

GRANTA MI core system

The GRANTA MI™ system lets you create a materials knowledge resource for your team, business unit, or enterprise. 'Getting started packages' help you to specify a system for common applications.

MI:Metals MI:Composites
MI:Automotive MI:Medical
MI:Aerospace MI:Plastics
MI:Additive Manufacturing MI:Collaborate

Extend the reach of GRANTA MI

MI:Materials Gateway
for CAD, CAE, and PLM provides materials data, when and where you need it.

MI:Materials Strategy connects material selection and substitution to strategic business objectives.

MI:Product Intelligence analyzes 'Bills of Materials' to minimize eco, regulatory, and supply chain risks.

MI:Restricted Substances ensures compliance and enables design for restricted substance regulations.

MI:Industrial Design helps industrial design teams make materials choices that align with engineering possibilities.

Key benefits of GRANTA MI:

  • Control materials data—avoid lost data, ensure traceability and security, guarantee accuracy
  • Gain time in materials engineering—avoid duplicated tests and wasted effort searching for information
  • Innovate—increase confidence in data, push materials to their limits, capture and re-use materials knowledge
  • Reduce risk—avoid and mitigate problems including restricted substances and supply chain disruption
  • Reduce cost—make better-informed materials decisions and implement materials strategies

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