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MaterialUniverse materials and process classesGranta’s MaterialUniverse offers materials data of unique quality, breadth, and completeness. It provides engineering, economic, and environmental property profiles designed for like-to-like comparisons across the whole spectrum of material and processing possibilities. It is constructed using Granta's design principles and CES Selector technology. Universe data avoids the pitfalls of conventional data sources, such as 'holes in the data'.

Design and research engineers find Universe data ideal for analysis of material and process options at the conceptual and redesign stages of product development. “You just showed in 5 minutes what took us 3 weeks of conventional analysis” is a typical comment.

Materials specialists use this data to research material and processing options outside their areas of specialist expertise and as a resource for in-house or external consulting.

Materials developers use the data to map the world of existing materials, assess the prospects of new ones for specific engineering applications, and to communicate the benefits of new materials to customers and colleagues.

Data Module
Content Summary
Attributes and Properties
3,500 materials 240 processes
Property profiles: broad coverage through complete, normalized, generic datasheets, allowing comparison for:

Metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and natural incl. woods

Processes: Shaping, surface treatment, joining processes
Approx. 60 physical, cost, mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, durability properties for each material

Approx. 25 properties relating to environmental impact for each material

Approx. 20 physical, economic, shape, and other characteristics per process
As above
A version of MaterialUniverse with additional properties relevant to medical and food contact applications
Additional information on approval status, sterilizability, durability to chemicals and more

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