Prospector logoProspector Plastics

What is it? An immense resource of plastics datasheets from leading manufacturers.
What is in it? ~90,000 datasheets from more than 800 suppliers.
What is it used for? Comparing and selecting plastics grades.
Where does it come from? The Prospector® Database from UL. The plastics datasheets were formerly known as 'IDES Plastics'.
How can I access it? GRANTA MI enables you to install this alongside other plastics reference data on your network for fast access, integrated with in-house materials data. Apply the graphical analysis tools of CES Selector to this data, alongside other plastics reference data, to quickly and confidently identify candidate materials.

New data module with additional UL Yellow Cards data — details here >


UL logoUL's Prospector Database contains by far the largest collection of ASTM datasheets for plastic materials. Granta works in partnership with UL to deliver a regularly updated data module, which provides access to the Prospector Plastics data within the GRANTA MI and CES Selector software.

The data module contains around 90,000 datasheets from 800+ suppliers; around 70,000 datasheets list ASTM standard properties and around 40,000 datasheets list ISO properties.

Viewing Polyether data in CES Selector 2018

Viewing Prospector data in CES Selector 2018

Granta software provides a very efficient way to search, browse, and use this data—on its own or in combination with other leading plastics reference sources. For example, you can use Prospector data to:

  • Optimize materials choice—the unique Ashby materials selection methods available in the CES Selector software can be applied to the Prospector data
  • Rationalize your materials usage: promote cost-reduction, procure from preferred suppliers, and ensure use of approved materials. It is now a simple matter to create a materials information system to suit corporate needs based on Granta's software and a tailored database of which Propsector Plastics datasheets are one part.

What's in the database?

The data module contains around:

  • 90,000 datasheets from more than 800 suppliers
  • 70,000 datasheets that list ASTM standard properties
  • 40,000 datasheets thatlist ISO properties.

Enhancements in this latest version include:

  • New database homepage – providing quick access to key search forms and enabling users to find the information they need more easily
  • New curve data has been added for more than 1,500 materials. Available data includes (note – not all materials have all properties): temperature dependent properties, stress-strain curves, creep data, fatigue data, and rheological properties
  • Material properties tested to ASTM and ISO standards have been combined into a single attribute to enable easier search and comparison of datasheets
  • Enhanced “agency rating” attribute, enabling users to identify materials with specific ratings more easily, e.g. ISO 10993, FDA food contact, etc.

A typical Prospector Plastics datasheet includes data on the following properties:

  • Mechanical
  • Impact
  • Thermal
  • Electrical
  • Flammability

Information on uses, test standards, and classification is also included.

Support for education

This data can also be accessed via CES EduPack for educational purposes. More