Plastics data

The Plastics Data Series brings together wide ranging property data for generic polymer grades, data on specific polymer grades from leading plastics data providers including UL Prospector and CAMPUS, and information on plastics for additive manufacturing. Includes data on price, environmental impact, temperature dependent data, creep, stress/strain, rheological properties and more.

  • Save time with fast access to the materials information that you need.
  • Analyze and compare the properties and processing of plastics and elastomers.
  • Combine and compare with in-house materials data.
  • Get decisions ‘right first time’ early in design.
Provides wide-ranging property data on 3,500 generic material types: ideal for initial selection studies. Includes broad coverage of all classes of plastics and enables cross-class comparisons between plastics and other materials.

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Prospector Plastics
The Prospector Plastics data module provides data from the Prospector® Database from UL, an immense resource of 90,000 plastics datasheets from more than 800 manufacturers. An extended module adds data on additives and the UL Yellow Card data on safety.

Prospector Plastics 

Prospector and UL Yellow Cards 

CAMPUS & M-Base Plastics
A quality, comprehensive source of plastics and applications data, with 53,000 datasheets compiled from manufacturers’ data by polymer data experts, and data (including curve data) on more than 7,000 plastic resin grades measured to strict ISO standards (from CAMPUS).

CAMPUS & M-Base Plastics 

CAMPUS Plastics 

Senvol Database™
Search and compare additive manufacturing materials and machines.

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Other resources including plastics
Metal property data is also available as part of the following more general data collections

JAHM Curve Data (for simulation) 

ASM Medical Materials Database 

Human Biological Materials 

Accessing the data

Enterprise access
GRANTA MI enables you to install the full library on your network for fast access, integrated with in-house materials data.

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Support for materials selection
The CES Selector PC package includes the data relevant to initial downselection of materials.

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