NCS® Colors Data Module

What is it?
The Calibrated Colour Matching Standards (CMS) database from NCS Colour AB.
What is in it?
Records providing the names and color specifications for all colors in the library, plus the license to use these colors in your design work.
What is it used for?
Link colors to materials or surface specifications within your corporate materials database and your designers can easily answer questions such as "which of our materials can I use in order to achieve this color?" or "in what colors can this material be produced?"
Where does it come from?
Granta provides this library under license from NCS Colour AB.
How can I access it?


The NCS Colors data module contains the Calibrated Colour Matching Standards (CMS) database from NCS Colour AB. The NCS Calibrated Matching Standards are specially developed to allow colour matching and control with the smallest available tolerances.

This data supports the GRANTA MI:Industrial Design Package. This enables industrial design teams who are querying their corporate materials data to include color in the full range of properties they consider when identifying materials options for their designs. It also provides inspiration to designers, enabling them to identify attractive colors and find supporting materials options. The MI:Industrial Design Package connects the worlds of materials engineering and industrial design.

Companies that create and manage their own color specifications can link these reference colors to the in-house specifications on which they were based, to help ensure consistency of color matching across the supply chain.

More information on the MI:Industrial Design Package