Metals data

The Metals Data Series brings together an unrivalled collection of materials data from widely-used and respected sources, with metals property data covering thousands of standards, specifications, and grades. It includes digital versions of the authoritative MMPDS, ESDU and ASME handbooks, a vast collection of standards and specifications data, information on metals for additive manufacturing, and generic data on all classes of materials, as well as creep and fatigue data and information on sheet steels from specialist research programs.

  • Save time with fast access to the materials information that you need.
  • Access digital versions of regulator-approved handbook data for the aerospace and energy industries.
  • Find internationally equivalent grades and specifications.
  • Get decisions ‘right first time’ early in design.
Standards and specifications
Chemical, mechanical and physical property data from global standards and specifications for metals and consumables. Useful for identifying equivalent grades.

MI-21 metals 

Stahldat SX steels 

SteelSpec steels 

Design data
Regulator approved, statistically derived design data for high performance applications.

MMPDS aerospace alloys 

ESDU aerospace alloys 

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code materials 

Provides wide-ranging property data on more than 3,500 generic material types: ideal for initial selection studies. Includes broad coverage of all classes of metals and enables cross-class comparisons between metals and other materials.


Additive Manufacturing
Search and compare additive manufacturing materials and machines.

Senvol Database™  

Specialist data
Additional specialist data resources for metals, including creep and fatigue data, sheet steels data for crash and forming simulation, and powder metallurgy.

NIMS Creep and Fatigue  

Sheet Steels  

Powder Metallurgy  

Other resources including metals
Metal property data is also available as part of the following more general data collections

JAHM Curve Data (for simulation) 

ASM Medical Materials Database 

Human Biological Materials 


Accessing the data

Enterprise access
GRANTA MI enables you to install the full library on your network for fast access, integrated with in-house materials data.

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Support for materials selection
The CES Selector PC package includes the data relevant to initial downselection of materials.

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