Firehole Composites

What is it? Data covering over 300 continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite grades, drawn from manufacturers, leading testing labs, and research institutions
What is in it? 1,000 records covering different test conditions (e.g. room temperature dry, elevated temperature wet, etc.) with information on the composite constituents (fibers, matrix materials etc.), suppliers, and forms, plus unidirectional and multi-axial laminate properties derived from testing
What is it used for? Supports design using composite materials. Enables easy comparison between composites and traditional materials
Where does it come from? The data is compiled by Firehole Technologies, Inc. from sources including the NCAMP, AGATE, and CMH-17 projects and manufacturers datasheets
How can I access it? Via the GRANTA MI materials information system or on your PC in the CES Selector software. Links to the MaterialUniverse data enable Firehole Composites to be used in making comparisons with the full range of engineering materials


For engineering organizations interested in using commonly-available composite material systems, the Granta Firehole Composites data module provides a broad range of relevant information. It includes hundreds of composite grades, covering different test conditions and providing information on composite constituents, suppliers, and forms, as well as properties derived from testing. Unidirectional and multi-axial laminate properties are available. You can access the data module via the CES Selector software (for desktop PC access) or the GRANTA MI system (for shared browser-based access on a network). These offer data browsing, visualization, and plotting capabilities that make it easy to compare composite systems with each other and with traditional materials. This means designers save time in making, and then justifying, better materials selection decisions.


Plotting two properties—tensile strength and modulus—for the continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite grades described in the data module. Using the Firehole Composites data module with Granta software makes it quick and easy to create such plots and make comparisons for a wide range of materials properties

The following attributes of the Firehole Composites data module make it particularly useful in practical applications:

  • A wide range of composites data is available, collated from the NCAMP, AGATE, CMH-17 composite analysis projects and from vendor datasheets
  • Data is in a consistent format, enabling effective comparisons
  • Records are given quality ratings so that users can decide whether particular data is suitable for their specific application—you may, for example, use all of the data when screening for possible candidate materials, but only higher quality records for more precise comparisons
  • Within CES Selector, records are linked to records describing their generic class of composite in MaterialUniverse so that Firehole Composites can be used as part of a rational materials selection process. You can compare the composite materials with other materials options using the MaterialUniverse data and then click through to Firehole Composites to find specific composite systems that best meet your needs

Why use Granta's Firehole Composites?

Firehole Composites in CES Selector or GRANTA MI means that you can:

  • Find the composite data that you need from your desktop
  • Navigate unfamiliar and complex composite data, gaining understanding of composite systems and finding materials that meet your engineering requirements
  • Quickly and easily compare composites with metals and other traditional materials—choose the right materials and find replacements
  • Easily explore properties for different conditions, fiber forms and lay-ups
  • Identify suppliers for the systems of interest