ESDU Metallic Materials Data Handbook

What is it?
The preeminent European source of design strength data for aerospace alloys.
What is in it?
Statistically derived design values for nearly 600 materials in 2,500 datasheets.
What is it used for?
Support for aerospace design.
Where does it come from?
How can I access it?
Via the GRANTA MI materials information system, for shared web browser-based access alongside in-house data and other aerospace & energy data. As a standalone database in the CES Selector PC software. Access within CAD or CAE software using MI:Materials Gateway or GRANTA MI export capabilities


The ESDU Metallic Materials Data Handbook (ESDU MMDH) has been satisfying the requirements of the design community for aerospace structural metallic material properties for many years. It is now the preeminent European source of design strength data and is available in the GRANTA MI or CES Selector software environments. This combination of data and software excellence creates a compelling product for all those using quality in-house and reference data.

The ESDU MMDH started out as UK Def Stan 00-932 following 10 years of data collection and analysis. The database is regularly updated. GRANTA MI provides a unique software environment for enhancing access to the information in ESDU MMDH throughout your organization. Materials engineers can use this quality reference data set for detailed analysis and comparisons with their in-house data and opening access to a range of information on all of the major metallic materials used in aerospace applications.


ESDU MMDH data within GRANTA MI—you can browse, search, and apply data as numbers,
texts, and (where appropriate, e.g., for temperature-dependent data) graphs & functions.
Click on the graph to export the underlying data to Excel.

Design engineers benefit from the library of modules and tools which allow them to identify appropriate materials for specific applications using design strength data and direct integration with their specialized software systems. From looking up a single material property or datasheet to understanding the fundamental effects of temperature on the strength stiffness and creep resistance of these materials, ESDU MMDH in GRANTA MI is the solution.

What data is included?

This release contains information for nearly 600 materials specifications in over 2500 datasheets. The properties covered include important complex information such as: creep rupture, aging data and fatigue and fracture information, in addition to the standard static behaviors such as strength and stiffness. Further details about the processability of materials are given, with special emphasis on weldability.

Accessing ESDU MMDH data

GRANTA MI—ESDU MMDH is available as a data module within the GRANTA MI materials information management system, providing quick and easy web browser-based access to the data.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software—by hosting the data within your GRANTA MI system, you can make it easily accessible within your CAD or CAE software. You can export the data for use within applications such as Abaqus, ANSYS, and CATIA. Through GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway, you can access MaterialUniverse data directly within applications including Abaqus/CAE.

CES Selector—browse, search, and plot data using the CES Selector decision-support tools.