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Granta's aim is to enable a rational and well-informed response to eco and regulatory challenges, underpinned by the right data.

Data module Datasheets Content summary Attributes and properties
Part of the MaterialUniverse product—complete, normalized, generic datasheets allow comparison and selection for metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and natural materials.
Eco properties include: Geo-economic, production energy and emissions, processing energy, end of life, bio-data and sustainability. Also in MaterialUniverse: physical, cost, mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, durability properties.
8,000+ substances

100+ global regulations
Linked data on thousands of restricted substances and the legislations that affect them, worldwide. Link it to in-house data to enable restricted substance risk assessment for materials, processes, designs, and products.
Each substance record provides general information on the substance plus links to records on legislation that impacts it. Each legislation record describes the regulation and links to records for affected substances.
> 100
A reference source for coatings and a tool to support decisions relating to coatings. Categories include: anodize, corrosion inhibitor, conversion, electro / electroless plating.
Each record provides over 60 well-referenced technical, restricted substance, substitution, cost, and other information.
67 elements

Links to 3,500 MaterialUniverse materials
Enables you to identify and understand supply risk for materials based on factors such as geopolitical risk, physical scarcity, co-production risk, conflict mineral risk, and price volatility.
Supply risk data for 67 key elements, for example, including rare earths. Elements are linked to any of around 3,500 materials in which they can be found, enabling you to identify at-risk materials.
ecoinvent Key Materials Indicators   Key materials indicators and background information from ecoinvent, enabling the environmental impacts of materials, chemicals, and processes to be assessed and compared in Granta software Four environmental impact indicators (addressing embodied energy, carbon footprint, water usage, and resource consumption) together with background information for each material or process, as provided by the ecoinvent v2.2 database from the Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories.

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