Composites Design

What is it?
Traceable design data from two leading global aerospace projects focused on the processing, manufacture and use of composite materials
What is in it?
A compilation of data for the constituents, intermediates, and processing steps used to generate over 600 laminates, including design data tested in up to four standard conditions
What is it used for?
Supports design using composite materials in aerospace and other high tech industries
Where does it come from?
The AGATE and NCAMP industry and government-sponsored projects
How can I access it?
Via the GRANTA MI materials information system as a standalone database that can be used alongside other aerospace & energy data.


The Composites Design data module is a subset of the information that is available in the Composites QED data module. The Composites Design module contains data from the AGATE and NCAMP projects, which generated traceable design data on the processing, manufacture and use of composite materials. The data is provided within the GRANTA MI materials information management system, making it quick and easy to browse, query, and apply through a simple web browser user interface.

A particular strength of GRANTA MI is its ability to capture and efficiently present the key relationships between the materials and property data that it stores. This makes it ideal for storing composite data—you can, for example, view information about a laminate, see which materials are used in the individual layers within that laminate, and click through directly to records that describe the properties of those materials. All released documents relating to the qualified materials described in the data module are also stored—you can instantly review the full pedigree for the data that you are using.

composite data within the GRANTA MI web browser user interface

Viewing composite data within the GRANTA MI web browser interface.
The datasheet is showing information about a laminate, including links to data on the constituent layers.

The same database structure used to store the NCAMP and AGATE data can be used to store your in-house composite data, from testing and design. This means that GRANTA MI can provide an integrated composite data management environment in which you can capture your corporate composite knowledge, compare in-house data with external reference information, and use this combined resource to support design decisions.

What data is included?

A compilation of data for the constituents, intermediates, and processing steps used to generate over 600 laminates, including design data tested in up to four standard conditions. This data is drawn from the following two globally-renowned aerospace industry projects, driven by NASA and its industry partners.

AGATE—Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments. This project was initiated 1995 by NASA to promote the use of affordable high performance composite materials in the general aviation industry. Its completion in 2001 signalled the development of an efficient composite material qualification and property data acquisition process. These processes and the materials which had been used during their development are included in the data module, along with the full reports. This allows users to access the AGATE multibatch material qualification program, the material property data, material and process specifications, and other necessary pedigree information, as deployed during the project.

NCAMP. Following on from AGATE, NASA supported the creation of a permanent center within the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University (Wichita, KS), the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP). NCAMP is a continuing project and the data set will continue to grow as more materials are produced, process tested and qualified. The Composites Design data module will be kept up-to-date with this new data as it is published: the latest release updates the NCAMP data with information about eight further composites systems.

Read about Granta's agreement with N-CAMP 

Other relevant Granta data

Users of the Composites Design data will be interested in the CMH-17 (formerly Mil-Handbook-17) data and the Firehole Composites data, which can also be accessed within the same GRANTA MI materials information system, in a parallel database. GRANTA MI thus provides a unique 'one-stop' system for both reference data and in-house data relating to composites. Future releases of the Composites Design data will integrate the CMH-17, NCAMP, and AGATE data so that all of these records can be fully inter-linked.