CAE Starter Database

What is it? An introductory data module supporting users of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software.
What is in it? Sample materials property information on sixty typical engineering materials, enabling engineers to get started in populating and using CAE materials models.
What is it used for? Initial validation and use of the GRANTA MI materials information management software as a supporting system for CAE.
Where does it come from? Data is compiled and maintained by Granta Design.
How can I access it? Via a compatible CAE system that offers a connection to the GRANTA MI materials information system


The CAE Starter database contains data on 60 of the most common engineering materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses, composites, and natural materials. Each record contains a full set of data suitable for thermal or linear static mechanical analysis. The properties covered include:

  • density
  • moduli
  • strengths
  • thermal conductivity
  • thermal expansion
  • specific heat
  • electrical conductivity

This data is a sample from Granta's comprehensive MaterialUniverse data module and shares its same pedigree of completeness and quality.

All of this data is available in an easy-to-use tree structure. The inclusion of alternative common names and designations allows the correct material to be found quickly.