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The following products are available for subscription-based access over the Internet. These on-line resources are powered using Granta's GRANTA MI materials information management system.

Data for designers of medical devices Medical Materials Database
A comprehensive online database that supports implantable medical device design, provides materials properties, biocompatibility data, drug compatibilities and surface treatment processes for the materials, coatings and drugs used in implantable devices. The contents of this database are also available as two data modules - Cardiovascular Materials and Orthopaedic Materials - for integration into an in-house GRANTA MI system.
ASM Handbooks Online ASM Handbooks Online
The ASM Handbook Series contains peer reviewed, trusted information in every area of materials specialization. The series is the industry’s best known and most comprehensive source of information on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials technology.
ASM Alloy Center Online ASM Alloy Center Online
The Alloy Center gives you instant access to worldwide equivalencies for alloys, mechanical, physical and chemical property data, and corrosion characteristics in various environments. It includes alloy data sheets, stress-strain curves, creep curves, time temperature curves and other engineering graphs for thousands of significant alloy designations.
Corrosian Analysis Network ASM Corrosion Analysis Network
The Corrosion Analysis Network is the most comprehensive and authoritative online source for researching, understanding, preventing, and solving corrosion-related problems in one, all-inclusive, easy-to-access database.
ASM Micrographs Online ASM Micrograph Center Online
Containing more than 4,000 micrographs, each with details about the material, processing history, specimen preparation and microstructure, users may examine images, look for typical or optimal structures, or compare the effects of alloying or heat treating regimes on microstructures.
Testing ASM Failure Analysis Center
With over 1,000 case histories from top journals and technical reports dealing with fracture, stress, strain, wear, corrosion, distortion, materials class or processing-related, the center provides links to related explanations and data from ASM Handbook, Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention.

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ASM CD products

CD-based products have been superceded by the online products above, but the most recent editions can still be purchased.

  • ASM Desk Editions (Metals Handbook, Engineered Materials Handbook)
  • Alloy Finder

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