ASM Desk Editions—Now Available for Your PC

Alloy Finder has been superceded by the online product, ASM Handbooks Online 

However, this CD-based product can still be purchased. The ASM Metals Handbook Desk Edition, 2nd Ed and the ASM Engineered Materials Handbook Desk Edition provide comprehensive coverage of the most widely used structural materials. Together these two volumes contain over 2800 pages of densely packed information and data. These two essential volumes are available in convenient and portable CD-ROM format.

Granta Design, ASM's software partner, has developed these CDs as part of the process of building an extensive electronic reference library of information on materials and manufacturing processes using the latest information technology.

These CD-ROMs provide easy-to-use features:

  • Easy click-and-go navigation provides access to information from an expandable table of contents.
  • Fast searching and easy access capabilities enable quick targeted access to exactly the information needed from more than 2800 pages of data
  • Searchable by caption high-resolution figures which can be zoomed and resized separately to show details.
  • Contains complete text and figures
  • No yearly maintenance fees

Metals Handbook Desk Edition - Contents

  • General Information
  • Irons, Steels and High-Performance Alloys
  • Nonferrous Alloys and Special Purpose Materials
  • Processing
  • Testing, Inspection, Characterization and Quality Control

Engineered Materials Handbook Desk Edition - Contents

  • General Data and Information
  • Introduction to Polymeric Materials
  • Properties and Characteristics of Engineering Plastics and Elastomers
  • Testing of Polymeric Materials
  • Polymer-Matrix Composites
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Introduction to Ceramics and Glasses
  • Applications, Processing and Characterization of Ceramics
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • Ceramic-Matrix Composites
  • Glasses
  • Carbon-Carbon Composites
  • Index

These Desk Editions are available either as individual CDs or on a combined CD

System Requirements

PC compatible computer running Win95B or more recent operating system, 40 MB local drive space, and 32 MB RAM.

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