ASM Alloy Finder for your PC

Alloy Finder has been superceded by the online product, Alloy Center Online 

However, this CD-based product can still be purchased. Alloy Finder 3.0, developed by Granta Design for ASM International, lets you quickly find key information about a metallic alloy.

Using Alloy Finder it is possible to identify alloys from composition, identify similar alloys, or update materials specifications for product designs.

The CD-ROM includes over 105,000 alloy designations and trade names from around the world, along with composition, producer or name of standards organization, representative tensile properties, product forms, and applications.

Typical questions that can be answered with Alloy Finder could be:

  • What is the alloy's designation or trade name?
  • What is the alloy's chemical composition?
  • Who produces the alloy?
  • What are the tensile properties of the alloy?
  • What alloys are similar to this one?
Alloy Finder contains full alloy records from three authoritative ASM reference books:
  • Woldman's Engineering Alloys, 9th Edition
  • Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Irons and Steels, 4th Edition
  • Worldwide Guide to Nonferrous Metals and Alloys, 4th Edition

The easy-to-use interface enables you to search by composition (you can enter amounts or ranges for up to 5 chemical elements at one time), alloy name, or key words. You can also browse by material type.

Datasheets and results can be easily exported to most word processing and spreadsheets packages.

Typical application

A European supplier has sent an parts drawing to an American company that specifies the use of an obsolete alloy ''Boker Special #847', to assess the possibility of making the part from a different alloy.

A search in Alloy Finder 3 for 'Boker Special' produces 3 hits, of which one is for 'BOKER SPECIAL NO. 847 (H. Boker & Co.)'. Using the 'Search for Similar Alloys' tool produces 34 results of which 7 correspond to variations of 'AISI M1'. A side by side comparison in Alloy Finder of AISI M1 and Boker No. 847shows that the American standard is more rigorous, but closely equivalent.

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