ASM Medical Materials

The ASM Medical Materials data module is world’s leading information resource for medical materials. The result of a collaboration between Granta and ASM International, the world’s largest professional society for materials engineers, it is the only database that combines material properties and biological response data of materials with data on the FDA-approved devices using each material.

Browse the ASM Medical Materials database and see how information is easily found and accessed.

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Accessing the data

Online subscription
Get instant access to the ASM Medical Materials Database through online subscription.

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Enterprise access
GRANTA MI enables you to install the full library on your network for fast access, integrated with in-house materials data.

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Support for materials selection
The CES Selector PC package includes the medical and plastics data relevant to initial downselection of materials.

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Why is it a valuable resource?

With regular comprehensive updates, this data module is ideal for in-depth research into materials options, combining engineering materials properties and biomedical response data with application information. You can:

  • Enjoy immediate access to critical materials information, including from previously approved (i.e., 'predicate') devices
  • Screen, analyze, select and source candidate materials and coatings for device applications and associated compatible drugs—including rapid selection against user-defined criteria
  • Identify materials based on how they have been used previously and quickly identify potential engineering and biocompatibility issues
  • Analyse recalls data to check for known materials challenges
  • Reduce time, cost, and risk in design and certification, and get new insights in the design process
  • Trace all data back to published literature, FDA device approvals information, or manufacturers' datasheets and websites—and open these directly from the database pages.

What's in it?

Materials information
Engineering properties
Biological response data
Application areas
Approved devices using each material
Sterilisation information
Application information
Materials used – for individual devices, and for generic types of devices
FDA data including: 510k, PMA approvals; guidance documents; classification information; recalls
Biocompatibility testing
International regulatory information

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Materials selection

Materials research

Regulatory affairs

Medical device design

Medical materials education

The ASM Medical Materials data module is one part of Granta's solution portfolio for medical device design, which also enables you to manage and apply your proprietary data. More on Granta's range of software for medical device design >