Selected applications for Granta reference data

The Granta reference data library provides comprehensive coverage of metals, composites, plastics, and more. Follow the links below for information on how the data modules in this library can be combined to support some key application areas.

Aerospace and energy
A collection of global, authoritative materials data sources for metals and composites used in high performance applications.

Aerospace and Energy data series 

Brings together all of the leading materials information resources for the medical industry, covering traditional material properties, biological response information, adverse events and recalls, and application information. 

Healthcare data series 

Cost-effective, quick, and efficient access to authoritative sources of input data for simulation.

Simulation data series  

Additive Manufacturing
Search and compare additive manufacturing materials and machines.

Senvol Database™  

On-line access to ASM data
The following products are available for subscription-based access over the Internet. These on-line resources are powered using Granta's GRANTA MI materials information management system.

ASM International data products 

Design and aesthetics
Colour specification data to support industrial design.

NCS Colors data module 

Pantone Colors data module 



Accessing the data

Enterprise access
GRANTA MI enables you to install the full library on your network for fast access, integrated with in-house materials data.

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Support for materials selection
The CES Selector PC package includes the data relevant to initial downselection of materials.

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