Materials Selection

CES Selector provides a suite of software tools and materials property data to support systematic materials selection. CES Selector lets you combine consideration of engineering, economic, and environmental properties.

  • Get materials choices right first time during early-stage product development, avoiding later costs and delays
  • Gain confidence in your decisions and generate new ideas through a systematic, exhaustive search of materials options
  • Apply an auditable, repeatable process, so you can validate results and ensure consistency across engineering teams
  • Consider engineering performance alongside factors such as cost, restricted substance risk, and eco impact

How does CES Selector help?

Follow the Selection project wizard for a systematic method A simple 'wizard style' user interface guides you through a systematic rational selection process, making it quick to apply the methods pioneered by Granta founder Professor Mike Ashby.
Exploring a trade-off for an automotive application Graphical tools to make and present decisions. Explore materials space, focus on likely candidates, study trade-offs between cost, engineering performance, and eco behavior.
CES Selector provides the data you need for materials selection Comprehensive, comparable data on metals, plastics, composites, and more: ensure an exhaustive and accurate evaluation of all materials options.
Data listing 
Tools to compute performance per unit of function for your application Structured, repeatable methods to ensure you make the right materials choice for your application, e.g., to optimize performance per unit of function, and to minimize the cost.

New for CES Selector 2017

  • Add curve and arrow annotations to charts—highlight trends, justify and communicate your material recommendations to project stakeholders
  • Restricted substance risk indicators added for all materials—consider the REACH Candidate and SIN (Substitute IT Now) lists when choosing and comparing materials
  • Enhanced selection and comparison for metals—consider machining speed and susceptibility to Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • Price per unit volume added—particularly relevant for designs with fixed volume
  • Latest data on metals (MMPDS-10, StahlDat SX, SteelSpec, ASME BPVCIID) and polymers (Prospector Plastics,CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics)


Further information

Rational Selection in CES SelectorSystematic materials selection

CES Selector provides tools that support a unique systematic selection methodology developed by Professor Mike Ashby and colleagues at the University of Cambridge. The method is the industry-standard approach to systematic materials selection. Follow the link below to find out about some of its key concepts. The CES Selector software makes it fast and easy to apply these concepts to practical problems—and training is also available to help you get up-to-speed quickly.


Case studies

Find out how CES Selector has been applied in industry.


Further reading

Online resources and textbooks on materials selection