Lightweighting with Hybrid Materials

CES Selector provides innovative tools to study hybrid materials and to compare their properties with the full range of engineering materials.

  • Guide the design of hybrid material solutions (e.g., sandwich panels) towards the most cost-effective and productive route
  • Save time and money by exploring potential hybrid materials solutions before costly development and testing
  • Communicate the advantages of new hybrid materials for specific applications with clear, compelling materials property charts

How does CES Selector help?

Hybrid Synthesizer Hybrid Synthesizer Models enable you to predict the properties of structures such as sandwich panels, foams, lattices and composites.
Property chart showing Hybrid Synthesizer results Materials property charts enable you to compare Hybrid Synthesizer Models predictions with other materials for specific applications—guide design and communicate results.
MaterialUniverse data Comprehensive materials data supports comparison of hybrid material solutions against the full range of conventional materials.
Data listing 
Add your own models Add your own models, allowing the Hybrid Synthesizer Models to predict a wider range of hybrid material types and tailoring the tool to your applications.

Hybrid Synthesizer user interfaceFurther information: Hybrid Synthesizer

CES Selector offers the Hybrid Synthesizer Models as an option.

These enable you to predict the performance of hybrid materials and structures (such as sandwich panels, foams, lattices and composites) and compare them with other materials in a selection project.