Eco Design and Restricted Substances

CES Selector integrates Granta's Eco Audit™ methodology with powerful materials selection and substitution capabilities and data on environmental properties and restricted substance risk to guide early-stage product design.

  • Minimize the cost and effort required to meet regulatory requirements or corporate environmental performance targets
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your products, which often also reduces manufacturing and through-life product cost
  • Integrate eco design into your existing process and clearly communicate the benefits of your design decisions
  • Consider the risk associated with the use of restricted substances when choosing and comparing materials

How does CES Selector help?

Eco Audit graph Eco Audit Tool quickly assesses a product design to identify the major contributions to environmental impact, helping you to make effective design choices.
Comparison tables help you to quicklly compare materials options and highlight problems Materials selection and substition tools support you as you modify your design, helping to find materials that minimize eco impact while meeting cost and performance objectives.
Eco property data Eco property data for 1000s of materials, (available in the MaterialUniverse data module), supports eco auditing and study of a wide range of eco impacts.
Data listing 
REACH, SIN List, and RoSH indicators are available within the software Restricted substance (REACH, SIN List) and RoSH indicators help you to flag up potential compliance risks for materials.

Further information

The Eco Audit ToolComparing a new composite material with the performance of other composites, plastics, and metals

The Eco Audit™ Tool is an add-on tool to CES Selector that helps you to address environmental objectives. It draws on the environmental data available in CES Selector to quantify the eco impact of key life-phases of a material, helping identify the most significant environmental costs, and thus focus attention on the areas which can lead to the biggest improvements.

More information 

Five Steps to Eco Design 

Restricted Substances risk assessment

CES Selector enables you to flag up potential restricted substance risks when identifying materials candidates during early-stage design. Our GRANTA MI system provides more in-depth information on restricted substances and the regulations that impact them, enables companies to link that information to their own proprietary materials and processes, and thus supports de-risking of materials portfolios, risk assessment during CAD design, and analysis of existing products.

More on GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances