CES Selector Data

There are three easy steps to buying CES Selector™— choose your data (see details below), choose your tools, and for advice and to arrange a product demonstration, please contact us.

CES Selector data


At the heart of CES Selector is MaterialUniverse:

  • A unique data set providing complete property data for over 3,500 materials types across the full range of engineering materials.
  • Designed for efficient screening and selection studies; quickly scan materials options and identify candidate materials for your application.
  • Also acts as an index for the larger library of data with CES Selector. From MaterialUniverse records covering generic material types, you can follow links to records covering specific grades of the material in the other reference data modules available within CES Selector.

Specialist data library

These reference data modules are licensed from leading providers of data covering metals, plastics, and composites. As well as accessing this data through links from MaterialUniverse, you can quickly search across the entire library, or use the full search, browse, selection, and charting capabilities of CES Selector within each individual dataset. CES Selector gives you access to all of the materials data you need, in one place, with the tools to apply it.

Full data listing

Edition Data description Data modules
Basic Edition
Generic data from Granta Design, covering over 3,500 materials types. Supports selection, substitution, cost analyses, and analysis of environmental properties.
The Periodic Table
CES Polymer Selector
Provides comprehensive coverage of plastics and elastomers. Includes Granta plastics data plus information on tens of thousands of plastics from leading plastics data sources, CAMPUS, M-Base, and Prospector.
CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics
Prospector Plastics ('IDES')
CES Aero Selector
Data on the alloys and composites that are critical for high performance engineering. Includes alloy data from MMPDS and CMH-17 (MIL-HDBK-17) composites data—relevant for aerospace, energy, and similar applications.

Firehole Composites
CES Metals Selector Granta's MaterialUniverse module is augmented by data on over 20,000 alloys in MI-21, over 2,500 steels from the Register of European Steels (known as the ‘Stahl-Eisen-Liste’ in German), and over 4,500 steel standards from the Steel Specificiation Book, published by UK Steel. MaterialUniverse

StahlDat SX
CES Medical Selector
Granta's MaterialUniverse module with additional medical and food grade data, combined with extensive information on plastics.
Medical MaterialUniverse
CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics
Prospector Plastics ('IDES')
Add-on data
This data, including ASME materials data for power and process industries, JAHM temperature-dependent material property data, and Senvol Database™ data on Additive Manufacturing, can be added as standalone modules.
ASM Medical Materials
JAHM Curve Data
Metal Foams
Global Powder Metallurgy
ecoinvent Key Materials Indicators
Senvol Database™
StahlDat Sheet Steels

New in CES Selector 2017

  • Latest version of MaterialUniverse, including:
    • New Restricted substance risk indicators added for all materials in Material Universe—consider the REACH Candidate and SIN (Substitute IT Now) lists when choosing and comparing materials
    • Enhanced selection and comparison for metals in MaterialUniverse—consider machining speed and susceptibility to Stress Corrosion Cracking
    • Updated price values
    • Price per unit volume added alongside the standard price data (currency/mass)
  • Latest data on metals (MMPDS-10, StahlDat SX, SteelSpec, ASME BPVCIID) and polymers (Prospector Plastics,CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics)
  • New Senvol Database™ on Additive Manufacturing materials and machines