CES Constructor

CES Constructor is the database development toolkit for CES Selector. It allows you to customize the reference data with CES Selector and to add and edit your own data.

With CES Constructor, you can:

  • Create and modify data structures
  • Add tables and records to any CES Selector database
  • Edit properties
  • Automatically check data
  • Edit units and currency
  • Manage database links (e.g., to references and producers)

CES Constructor is designed to handle the specifics of materials data, with features including:

  • Templates for proven materials database structures
  • Handling of all unit systems relevant to material and process properties
  • Heirarchical and relational data structures
  • Range and correlation-based checks of input materials data
  • Management of links to reference and other information

CES Constructor allows you to apply the powerful graphical tools of CES Selector to your proprietary data.

Note: The focus of CES Selector is its powerful graphical selection tools, designed for intensive materials selection and analysis tasks. It also allows individuals or small groups to browse and search materials property databases. For a more complete multi-user materials information management solution, and for web deployment of materials selection capabilities, see GRANTA MI.