Key benefits

Set up and maintain GRANTA MI with no need for extensive IT expertise.

Enable any authorized user to upload data to the system from anywhere—support collaboration and effective sharing of data.

Fast capture and processing of large amounts of data (e.g., from materials tests)—save time and avoid data loss.

Support analysis of materials data, extracting and capturing valuable information along with its full context.

Build and maintain your database

GRANTA MI provides a series of tools to help you administer, build, and adapt your materials database. The focus is on ease-of-use, enabling users of the database in materials engineering, research, and product design and development to manage the system quickly and without the need to ask for expensive IT resource.

Easy administration (MI:Admin)

GRANTA MI is an advanced enterprise materials information management system. But the good news is that maintenance doesn't require advanced IT skills. Easy-to-use tools that mean any suitably-authorized user (for example, a designated materials engineer) can do this. MI:Admin provides a simple graphical user interface to accomplish many key tasks. Do you need to enable your database to store a new data type? Or to create 'user profiles' so specific user types see only the data that is relevant to them? There's no need to apply for expensive IT resource—a few button clicks will do.

New technology makes it much easier to synchronize and update your database. We're piloting and proving this technology with our consortia members. If you're interested, get in touch. Applications include:

  • Distributing subsets of information between locations while retaining control of global deployments (even managing versions of the same data in different languages).
  • Updating reference data embedded within a larger database, ensuring appropriate handling of modifications, links, or analyses created by the users.

If required, Granta provides consultancy and training to support the initial design and subsequent maintenance of the database.

MI:Admin user interface

The simple MI:Admin user interface: no need for IT resource to set up or modify your database.

Enable data import with smart template technology

The GRANTA MI importer template technology is what enables users to import any relevant materials data into GRANTA MI. An importer template only needs to be set up once for each type of data. Any user can then add data of that type—for example, by uploading a file or by entering data into an Excel template and uploading it. Template definition tools make it very quick to set up templates in minutes. Features include the ability to create 'locked down' Excel templates to remove scope for errors in data entry. Imported data can be auto-placed in different locations ('data tables') in the database. You can share templates with suppliers and test houses to facilitate collaboration. Advanced Automated Template Generation tools, originally developed by materials engineers at Rolls-Royce, are available to facilitate the process of cleansing materials test data in your database.

Upload anywhere—Remote Import

The Remote Import tool provides a simple web browser interface through which any authorized user can upload data stored in Excel or text files with no need for training. The template technology described above enables the person or team managing your GRANTA MI database to create importer templates for any data format (e.g., a specific test machine) and to host them on your GRANTA MI server. As a user, you don't need to know about these templates. Just select the right format from a list and your data (from a spreadsheet or a text file) is added to the database. This provides an easy mechanism for a wider group of users, or partners in a collaborative project, to enter data (potentially in large quantities) efficiently and in a controlled manner.

The Remote Import tool provides a simple user interface through which any user cam upload data from anywhere

The Remote Import tool means that any authorized user can upload data, from anywhere, with no need for training.

Bulk data import, export, and processing (MI:Toolbox)

MI:Toolbox is a quick, powerful, and easy-to-use Windows PC application for bulk data management and analysis.

  • Import data from any text or Excel file, e.g., test machine output or results from analysis software.
  • Import data from MTS and Instron test machines—ready-made importers for some popular test machines. But you can generate your own importers, enabling capture of data from any machine with text output.
  • New in Version 9
    Export multiple images and files
  • Export data to spreadsheets for further analysis.
  • Exporters support multiple files and images linked to material records.
  • Handle legacy data in large amounts via a 'bulk data importer'.

MI:Toolbox also enables materials experts to extract data from the database and to then perform statistical analysis or other data processing. The results can then be imported back to the database, together with details of the methods applied, and all of this data can be automatically linked together on import. This means that you have full traceability for future inspection—for example, find a piece of design data and follow the links back to the test data series and analysis that produced it.

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