Key benefits

Import and analyze 'legacy' Bills of Materials—for example, in order to identify environmental or regulatory risks associated with current products.

Build your own BoMs in order to explore design concepts pre-CAD.

Apply Granta's material and process data to investigate alternative designs.

Quick and easy—runs via a web browser.

GRANTA MI:BoM Analyzer

GRANTA MI:BoM Analyzer enables you to import and edit Bills of Materials ('BoMs') for products or product designs, or build new BoMs from scratch. Then run reports that assess product risk and support better-informed design decisions.

MI:BoM Analyzer is part of the GRANTA MI materials information management system. It is an easy-to-use web application. It connects to a GRANTA MI database on your corporate Intranet or elsewhere on the cloud, enabling you to access a wealth of material, process, and environmental data. You can then apply that data to your company's products or product designs, and quickly generate information on factors such as product mass, environmental impact, or regulatory and supply risk.

BoM Analyzer and report

MI:BoM Analyzer—construct or edit a Bill of Materials and run any of a wide range of reports. An intergrated product risk report is shown here.

Why MI:BoM Analyzer?

Build a Bill of Materials ('BoM')

Constructing a Bill of Materials

MI:BoM Analyzer provides fast, intuitive tools to build and edit the 'Bill of Material' ('BoM') that describes a product. You may wish, for example, to create a model of a conceptual design in order to test the environmental impact of material options. Add parts, group them into components and assemblies, define quantities and masses, copy and paste existing elements as the basis for new ones. Within minutes of installing you can be using BoM Analyzer to capture products or design ideas.


Import and edit existing BoMs

Loading a BoM

MI:BoM Analyzer can also work with existing Bills of Materials—for example, those saved from CAD or PLM software. We can work with you to analyze other BoM formats and provide tools and support to translate these BoMs to a file format that can be read by the BoM Analyzer. Then you will be able to open any BoM from that application within MI:BoM Analyzer and start editing and running reports.


Apply leading materials and process data

Browsing materials in BoM Analyzer

Within MI:BoM Analyzer, you can browse and search materials and process data stored in your company's GRANTA MI database. A key resource is Granta's Product Risk data. This combines the MaterialUniverse data on the engineering, economic, and environmental properties of thousands of enginering materials with data covering risk due to Restricted Substances and Critical Materials.

You can quickly find a material in the database and apply it to a part in your BoM with a single mouse-click. The properties associated with that material are available for BoM analysis calculations. BoM Analyzer detects which processes can be applied to that material. You can then select from those processes to apply them to your part, making that data available for calculations (such as of environmental impact) that are process-dependent.

BoM Analyzer accesses a unique library of materials data, which can be applied to analyze your products and product designs and used to identify and study modifications to those products.


Assess risk and inform design

Sample reports

BoM Analyzer runs a wide range of calculations, helping you to assess risk associated with products and designs and to make informed material and process decisions. You get instant feedback on the impact of changes to a Bill of Materials and generate reports to support and document decision-making. Reporting options include:

  • Risks associated with regulations on restricted substances (e.g., REACH) and conflict minerals (Dodd-Frank Act)
  • Supply chain risks (e.g., material obsolescence, price volatility, issues with critical materials such as the 'rare earths')
  • Environmental impact—lifecycle energy usage and CO2 footprint of a design

MI:BoM Analyzer is part of the MI:Product Intelligence package, which provides a range of data and tools to study these issues and optimize your product range.

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