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Evaluate CES Selector for materials decision support

Purchase a three-month evaluation license for the CES Selector materials decision support software. We'll provide a dedicated on-line training session to get you up-and-running quickly, and you'll find it cost-effective and easy to upgrade to a standard license at the end of the evaluation period.

Quickly implement CAD/CAE access to the MMPDS-08 data

For organizations not currently using GRANTA MI that would like to access the authoritative MMPDS aerospace alloy data within a CAD system (Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, NX, Pro/ENGINEER or Creo) or CAE software (Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS, NX, SIMULIA). Our 'quick start' package will get you moving fast. It combines the software that you need (GRANTA MI core system, MI:Materials Gateway), the relevant data (MMPDS-08 and MaterialUniverse), and supporting services (implemetation support and training).

Add more data or a Gateway integration to my current GRANTA MI implementation

For existing GRANTA MI users wishing to grow their system by adding either a new data module or a new MI:Materials Gateway integration. Its easy to grow your GRANTA MI implementation. Do it now and we'll include an additional month's free access to the data or tools that you add.

Purchase Granta's environmental data

Purchase our integrated environmental data resource containing:

We'll add, at no additional cost, the new ecoinvent Key Materials Indicators data module—key materials indicators and background information on materials, chemicals, and processes, as provided by ecoinvent.